Sierra Leone - List of Cup Winners

Western Area (WAFA)
1925    Old Saint Edwards
1926    Academy GC (Freetown)
1927    Saint Edans
1928    Bame Games Club
1929    SE Tyrants

Annual Colony vs Protectorate Match
NB: since 1939 played for the Sir Douglas Jardine Cup

Year    Winner
1936    Colony         [at Freetown]
1937    Colony         [at Moyamba]
1938    Colony         [at Freetown]
1939    Protectorate   [at Bo]
1940    Protectorate   [at Freetown]
1941    Colony         [at Bo]
1942    Colony
1943    Colony
1944    Colony
1945    Colony
1946    Colony
1947    Colony
1948    Colony
1949    draw (shared)  [at Port Loko]
1950    draw (shared)  [at Freetown]
1951    Colony         [at Bo]
1952    Colony         [at Freetown]
1953    Colony         [at Port Loko]
1954    Colony         [at Freetown]
Regional Cup (replacing the Colony vs Protectorate match)
1955    Freetown & Rural Area 

Sierra Leone FA (SLFA)
1954    Old Edwardians                   3-1 Old Princewaleans             [Stephenson Cup]
        Regents Olympic                  0-0 East End Lions   (cup shared) [Beresford-Stooke Cup]
1955    Blackpool                        1-0 Regents Olympic               [Stephenson Cup]
1962    Kanema Town                      2-1 Saint Edwards
1963      [unknown]                      bt  Kanema Town
NB: SLFA league and cups in this period restricted to the Freetown area (or the Colony);
    in addition there were provincial leagues which were more loosely affiliated to the SLFA.

1967-72   not known [1967 was 1st edition]
1973    East End Lions (Freetown)        3-0 Wusum Stars (Bombali)
1974-77   not known
1978    Bai Bureh Warriors (Port Loko)
1979    Wusum Stars (Bombali)
1980    East End Lions (Freetown)
1981    Kamboi Eagles (Kenema)
1982    Bai Bureh Warriors (Port Loko)
1983    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)
1984    Old Edwardians (Freetown)
1985    Kamboi Eagles (Kenema)
1986    Real Republicans (Freetown)
1987      not known
1988    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)
1989    East End Lions (Freetown)        bt  Real Republicans 
1990    Ports Authority (Freetown)
1991    Ports Authority (Freetown)
1992    Diamond Stars (Kono)
1993      not known
1994    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)
1995-99   not played
2000    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)
2001    Old Edwardians (Freetown)
2002      not played
2003      not known
2004-05   not known
2006    Kallon FC (Freetown)
2007-13   not held
2014    Kamboi Eagles (Kenema)           3-2 East End Lions (Freetown)        [aet]

Number of Known Wins (20; since 1967):

 4 Mighty Blackpool 

 3 East End Lions 
   Kamboi Eagles 

 2 Bai Bureh Warriors 
   Old Edwardians 
   Ports Authority

 1 Diamond Stars 
   Kallon FC 
   Real Republicans 
   Wusum Stars

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