Singapore (Women) 1961-1988

Women's Football League 1961

[Feb 8]
Darul Afiah               2-2 Teban New Stars
Chua Chu Kang CSC         drw Duke's United
Pesta Sukan Competition 1969

Winners: Singapore

Pesta Sukan Competition 1973

5 participating teams
Third Place Match [Aug 19]
Hampshire SC              3-1 Queenstown Lasses
Final [Aug 19]
Marble                    7-0 Chua Chu Kang

Pesta Sukan Competition 1974

Participating teams (7):
Marble "A"
Marble "B"  (later called Spiders FC) 
Chua Chu Kang CSC
Hampshire SC
Texas Instruments

Women's Football League 1974

Champions: Spiders FC

Women's Football League 1975

[Mar 9]
Spiders FC                3-0 Pasir Panjang
Darul Afiah               1-1 PBMS 
[Apr 6]
Spiders FC                1-0 Darul Afiah
Chua Chu Kang CSC         2-1 Pasir Panjang 
Top of Table (May 9):

 1.Spiders FC
 2.Chua Chu Kang CSC        [8 points behind]
Final [May 11]
Spiders FC                 -  Chua Chu Kang CSC
Women's Football League 1976

Participating teams (6):
Darul Afiah 
Singapore Girls SC
Jurong County "A"
Jurong County "B"
Pasir Panjang SC
American School (newcomers)
Women's Football League 1977/78

Semifinals [Jan 29]
Chua Chu Kang CSC         2-0 Duke's United
Darul Afiah               5-0 PBMS
Final [Feb ?]
Darul Afiah               bt  Chua Chu Kang CSC
Women's Football League 1978

Group Stage

Group A Final [Nov 19]
Darul Afiah               7-0 Chua Chu Kang CSC
Group B
[Nov 19]
Jurong County SC          2-1 Duke's United
Group B Final [Dec 17]
Jurong County SC          1-0 American School
Semifinals [Dec 25]
Jurong County SC          4-3 Chua Chu Kang CSC
Darul Afiah               w/o American School
Final [Jan 1?]
Darul Afiah               3-0 Jurong County SC
Pesta Sukan Competition 1979

[Aug 19]
Duke's United             3-2 Chua Chu Kang
Semifinals [Aug ?]
Duke's United             lt  Darul Afiah  

Final [Sep 2]   
Darul Afiah               2-0 Jurong County SC
Pesta Sukan Competition 1980

[Aug 17?]
Chua Chu Kang CSC         3-2 Jurong
Darul Afiah                -  Duke's United 
Women's Football League 1981

NB: 14th edition

[Jan 4]
Darul Afiah               5-0 Duke's United
Chua Chu Kang CSC         w/o Crescent United
[Feb 8]
Darul Afiah               2-2 Teban New Stars
Chua Chu Kang CSC         drw Duke's United
Pesta Sukan Competition 1981

Start: Aug 15
Participating teams (7):
Dover/Clementi "A"
Dover/Clementi "B"
Hewlett Packard
Duke's United
Seletar FC
Darul Afiah Mayflower 
Chu Chu Kuang CSC
[Aug 17]
Duke's United            10-0 Hewlett Packard
Darul Afiah               7-0 Dover/Clementi B
Chua Chu Kang             6-1 Seletar FC
[Aug 29]
Darul Afiah               4-0 Dover/Clementi A
Chua Chu Kang CSC         3-0 Duke's United
Women's Football League 1986

[Jun 24]
Bukit Timah               4-1 Physical Education College
Top of Final Table:

 1.Darul Afiah               13      
 2.Bukit Timah               12
 3.Jurong                    10  
Women's Football League 1987

Start: June ?

Participating teams (7):
Jurong FC
Jalan Mulia
Club 86
Physical Education College
Bukit Timah
Darul Afiah Mayflower 
Champions: Club 86

Pesta Sukan Competition 1988

Third Place Match
Johore                    2-0 Negri Sembilan
Final [Sep 4]
Darul Afiah Mayflower     1-1 Jilaf Eulia               [2-1 pen]
Other participants included: Bedok FC (won Fairplay Cup)


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