Sudan - List of Cup Winners

During the colonial era, the Gordon Memorial College were the leading civilian football team; since 1917 the Owen Cup was contested annually between its first eleven and an Old Boys selection. They often played military sides such as King's Own Regiment, Lincolnshire Regiment, Warwickshire Regiment, Black Watch and Sudan Defence Force. Cup competitions held prior to World War II included the Governor-General's Challenge Cup, first held in 1918 and contested by teams from Khartoum, Omdurman, Atbara and Wad Medani.
1963   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1964-69  no competition
1970   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1971   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1972   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1973     not known
1974   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1975     no competition
1976     no competition
1977   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1978   Al-Nil (Khartoum)
1979     no competition
1980     no competition
1981   Hay al-Arab (Port Sudan)
1982   Al-Ahly (Wad Medani)
1983   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1984   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1985   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1986   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1987   Al-Mourada (Omdurman)
1988   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1989   Al-Mourada (Omdurman)
1990   Al-Ittihad (Wad Medani)   1-0 2-1 Al-Merreikh (Hasahisa)
1991   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        1-0 Al-Hilal (Port Sudan)
1992     no competition
1993   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        3-1 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1994   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        1-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1995   Al-Mourada (Omdurman)         2-1 Al-Hilal (Port Sudan)
1996   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        1-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1997   Al-Mourada (Omdurman)         2-0 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1998   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)           2-0 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)  
1999   Al-Mourada (Omdurman)
2000   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)           3-0 Al-Ahly (Wad Medani) 
2001   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        1-0 Al-Mourada (Omdurman)
2002   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)           awd Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)    [awarded 2-0, Al-Merreikh dns]
2003     no competition
2004   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)           0-0 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)    [3-2 pen]
2005   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        0-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)       [4-2 pen]
2006   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        2-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2007   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        1-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2008   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        0-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)       [2-0 pen] 
2009   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)           2-1 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)    
2010   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        2-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2011   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)           awd Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)    [awarded 2-0, Al-Merreikh dns]
2012   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        0-0 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)       [3-1 pen]
2013   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        awd Al-Hilal (Omdurman)       [awarded 2-0, Al-Hilal dns]
2014   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        3-1 Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2015   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)        awd Al-Hilal (Omdurman)       [awarded 2-0, Al-Hilal dns]
2015   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)           2-1 Al-Hilal (Obayed)

Number of Titles

 24 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)

  8 Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 

  5 Al-Mourada (Omdurman)

  1 Al-Ahly (Wad Medani) 
    Al-Ittihad (Wad Medani) 
    Hay al-Arab (Port Sudan)
    Al-Nil (Khartoum)

NB: the Al-Hilal page lists the following titles:
    16 wins of Sudan first division (Khartoum first division)
     4 wins of Sudan Premiership
    12 wins of Sudan league
     2 wins of Sudan cup championship

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