Solomon Islands (Women) 2006

Solbrew Women's soccer league (Honiara league)

[Aug ?]
Marist              2-1 Koloale   
Toba Kingz          3-0 Laugu
[Aug 22]
Flamingo             -  Mars    

[Oct 14]
Rangers             bt  Las United
[Oct 17]
Flamingo            bt  Marist 
Third Place Match [Nov 2]
Marist              bt  Las United

Final [Nov 2]
Rangers             4-0 Flamingo

Honiara Women's Cup

Round 1
[Nov 7]
Naha                lt  Junior Flamingo
[Nov 9]
Marist              bt  Toba Kings
[Nov 11]
Laugu               lt  Kossa
Rangers             bt  Koloale
[Nov 14]
Las United          bt  Police   
Mars                bye
Round 2
Junior Flamingo     bt  Mars
Marist              bt  Kossa 
Rangers             bt  Las United
NB: Kossa also qualified as best losers

Junior Flamingo and Kossa lost

Final [Dec 2?]
Rangers             2-2 Marist            [aet, 5-3 pen]            

Third Solomon Games

At Makira Ulawa Province, late June to July 7, 2006  

NB: the first two editions were both held at Honiara.

Soccer Tournament (women) (for provinces)

Final [Jul 5]
Malaita Eagles      5-1 Makira Ulawa        [also reported 4-2]

Final Ranking:
 2.Makira Ulawa

Western Games [helt at Gizo]
[Dec 7]
Vella La Vella      4-0 Rendova
Ranosi               -  Gizo 
[Dec 11]
Vella La Vella      3-0 Gizo
Ranosi              2-0 Rendova  
[Dec 12]
Vella La Vella       -  Ranosi
Gizo                 -  Rendova   

Winners: Vella La Vella

Santa Ana Island Soccer Knockout 2006/07

Over the Christmas and New Year period

Winners: Waitaka

2005 (women).

2007/08 (women).

list of champions (men).

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