Somaliland 2003

NB: Somaliland is a former British protectorate which has declared
    itself independent from Somalia in 1991; this independence is
    not recognised internationally but the Somaliland Football League
    does organise a football championship.

Second Level:

Participants include: 
Afgal (Hargeisa)

Somaliland Regions Cup 2003 at Hargeisa stadium

(soccer tournament; various other sports, including basketball, were
 also organised)

Played by 6 regional selections.

Group 1
[Sep 21]
Togdheer     2-1 Sool
[Sep 28]
Togdheer     1-1 Hargeisa
  Togdheer - qualified
  Hargeisa - qualified
  Sool     - eliminated

Group 2
[Sep 22]
Sanag        abd Sahel     [abandoned due to scuffle between players]
Sanag        1-1 Awdal
[Sep 27, replay]
Sanag        2-2 Sahel

  Sanag    - qualified (aka Sanaag)
  Sahel    - qualified (aka Saaxil)
  Awdal    - eliminated

NB: the Sep 27 replay result qualified both Sanag and Sahel, eliminating
    Awdal; the technical committee annulled the 2-2 result on the evening
    after the match alleging the match had been arranged, but withdrew
    that decision the following day, leading to furious protests by Awdal
    who withdrew.  Presumably all matches in this group were drawn but
    Awdal eliminated on goals scored.

[Sep 30]
Toghdeer     1-1 Sahel     [aet, 3-2 pen]
[Oct 1]
Sanag        1-0 Hargeisa

Final [Oct 3]
Toghdeer     2-1 Sanag
  [Muse Osman Yusuf (aka Muuse Cismaan) 28,
   Fouad Mohammed Hussein (aka Fu’aad Maxamed Xuseen) 80;
   Saed Mohammed Ahmed (aka Siciid Maxamed Saalax) 36pen]

Ramadan Cup 2003

Group A
Group B
Gashaan (aka Gaashaan)

Group C
S.somali (aka Somali Cosmetics)

Group D
Daahiriga (aka Daahiri)
Ambsador (aka Hargeysa Club?)
Results (inferred from

Daahiri      3-1 Hargeisa
MSG          3-1 Afgal



list of regions cup winners

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