Spain - U-19 League Champions

From 1950 to 1986 there was no Spanish youth league. Teams played in regional and multi-regional leagues (six in the last seasons), and the top teams in each qualified to play the Copa del Rey de Juveniles.

The Spanish League under-19, named División de Honor Juvenil, was created in 1986, with 16 teams, and disbanded in 1995, due to economical problems.

Since 1995-96 the structure consists of a División de Honor with six groups, on a multi-regional basis. The six champions play a tournament, named Copa de Campeones (two groups of three teams and a final)

See also the youth cup history.

División de Honor Juvenil

Season      Champion                Second
1986-87     Real Madrid CF          FC Barcelona
1987-88     Real Madrid CF          FC Barcelona
1988-89     Athletic C. Bilbao      CA Osasuna (Pamplona)
1989-90     Real Madrid CF          R Betis (Sevilla)
1990-91     Sevilla FC              FC Barcelona
1991-92     Athletic C. Bilbao      Real Madrid CF
1992-93     Real Madrid CF          Real Valladolid Dep.
1993-94     FC Barcelona            Valencia CF
1994-95     Sevilla FC              FC Barcelona

(in brackets, second)

4 (1)  Real Madrid CF
2      Athletic C (Bilbao)
2      Sevilla FC
1 (4)  FC Barcelona
  (1)  CA Osasuna (Pamplona)
  (1)  Real Betis B (Sevilla)
  (1)  Valencia CF
  (1)  Real Valladolid Dep.

Copa de Campeones

Season      Champion                 Runners-up             Result
1995-96     RC Deportivo Coruña      Real Madrid CF           2-1
1996-97     Real Madrid CF           Sevilla FC               2-0
1997-98     Real Sociedad            Valencia CF              2-1
1998-99     Real Sociedad            Sevilla FC               0-0  (pp)
1999-2000   Real Madrid CF           FC Barcelona             4-2
2000-01     CA Osasuna (Pamplona)    C Atlético de Madrid     1-0
2001-02     C Atlético Madrid        Real Zaragoza            3-0
2002-03     Málaga CF

(in brackets, runners-up)

2 (1)   Real Madrid CF
2       Real Sociedad (Donostia-San Sebastián)
1 (1)   C Atlético de Madrid
1       CA Osasuna (Pamplona)
1       RC Deportivo de La Coruña
1       Málaga CF
  (2)   Sevilla FC
  (1)   FC Barcelona
  (1)   Valencia CF
  (1)   Real Zaragoza

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