Spain - Cup 1931

Tournament changes its name of Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) to Copa de España because of 
the abdication of the King and proclamation of Republic on April 14 1931 (two days
after the beginning of the tournament)
Note clubs with the word "Real" in their name suppressed this word. Real Sociedad changes
to Donostia FC. Most of this changes were done between first and second legs of the first

Played by 31 teams, qualified in the Regional championships:

Champ. Catalunya (3): FC Barcelona, CS Sabadell, FC Badalona
Champ. Centro (3): Real Madrid, Athletic de Madrid, Racing de Madrid
Champ. Guipúzcoa (3): Real Unión de Irún, CD Logroño, Real Sociedad (Donostia)
Champ. Vizcaya (3): Athletic Bilbao, Arenas de Guecho, D Alavés (Vitoria)
Champ. Galicia (2): RC Deportivo de La Coruña, RC Celta (Vigo)
Champ. Asturias (2): Sporting de Gijón, Real Oviedo FC
Champ. Valencia (2): Valencia FC, CD Castellón
Champ. Murcia (2): Real Murcia, Lorca
Champ. Andalucía (2): Sevilla FC, Real Betis (Sevilla)
Champ. Aragón (2): Iberia SC (Zaragoza), Patria Aragón (Zaragoza)
Champ. Cantabria (2): Racing de Santander, Eclipse (Santander)
Champ. Castilla - León (2): Real Valladolid, Cultural D. Leonesa (León)
Champ. Extremadura (1): Don Benito
Champ. Balears (1): Athletic Palma
Champ. Canarias (1): there was not a champion this season


Sixteenth Finals

First Legs 
[Apr 12]
Racing de Madrid        2-0     Sevilla FC
Real Betis              5-1     Real Sociedad
FC Barcelona            9-0     Don Benito
Deportivo Alavés        2-2     CS Sabadell
Real Unión de Irún      3-1     RC Celta (Vigo)
Racing de Santander     0-2     Arenas de Guecho
CD Logroño              7-0     Cultural Leonesa
Valencia                2-0     Iberia de Zaragoza
FC Badalona             w/o     Patria Aragón (Zaragoza)
Real Oviedo             w/o     Lorca

[Apr 19] 
Athletic Palma          1-0     CD Castellón
[Apr 26]
Valladolid              2-1     Athletic de Madrid
Madrid FC               4-0     Eclipse de Santander
Murcia                  1-0     Deportivo La Coruña

Second Legs 
[Apr 26]
Sevilla FC              8-1     Racing de Madrid
Donostia                4-1     Betis (Sevilla)
Celta (Vigo)            1-1     Unión de Irún
Arenas de Guecho        5-1     Racing de Santander
Cultural Leonesa        1-8     Logroño
Iberia de Zaragoza      4-3     Valencia 
CD Castellón            3-0     Athletic de Palma
[May 3]
Don Benito              1-3     FC Barcelona
CS Sabadell             3-2     Deportivo Alavés
Athletic de Madrid      1-2     Valladolid
Eclipse de Santander    2-5     Madrid FC
Deportivo La Coruña     1-2     Murcia

NB: Athletic de Bilbao bye 
    Sporting de Gijón had to play against Canary champion, but as this was not
    stablished, Sporting qualified.

Eighth Finals

First Legs [May 10]
Valencia                2-2     FC Barcelona
Badalona                1-0     Betis (Sevilla)
Athletic de Bilbao      4-0     CS Sabadell
Sevilla FC              3-1     CD Castellón
Oviedo                  1-2     Arenas de Guecho
Unión de Irún           4-1     Sporting de Gijón
Valladolid              0-0     CD Logroño
Madrid FC               3-0     Murcia

Second Legs [May 17]
FC Barcelona            1-2     Valencia 
Betis (Sevilla)         2-0     Badalona
CS Sabadell             3-1     Athletic de Bilbao
CD Castellón            3-1     Sevilla FC
Arenas de Guecho        4-0     Oviedo
Sporting de Gijón       0-0     Unión de Irún
CD Logroño              4-0     Valladolid
Murcia                  0-0     Madrid FC

Playoff [Madrid, May 19]
CD Castellón            2-1     Sevilla FC


First Legs [May 24]
Arenas de Guecho        2-2     Valencia FC
Unión de Irún           2-2     Athletic de Bilbao
Betis (Sevilla)         3-0     Madrid FC
CD Castellón            2-0     CD Logroño

Second Legs [May 31]
Valencia FC             1-1     Arenas de Guecho
Athletic de Bilbao      4-0     Unión de Irún
Madrid FC               1-0     Betis (Sevilla)
CD Logroño              3-0     CD Castellón

Playoff [Barcelona, June 2]
Arenas de Guecho        2-1     Valencia FC


First Legs [Jun 7]
CD Logroño              0-6     Athletic de Bilbao
Arenas de Guecho        2-1     Betis (Sevilla)

Second Legs [Jun 14]
Athletic de Bilbao      6-3     CD Logroño
Betis (Sevilla)         1-0     Arenas de Guecho

Playoff [Madrid, June 16]
Arenas de Guecho        0-2     Betis (Sevilla)

Final [Jun 21]
Estadio de Chamartín, Madrid
Athletic de Bilbao      3-1     Betis (Sevilla)
  [Garizurieta, Bata, Chirri II; Sanz]
  [ref: Arribas]
Athletic: Blasco, Careaga, Castellanos, Garizurieta, Muguerza, Roberto,
          Felipés, Iraragorri, Bata, Chirri II, Gorostiza
Betis: Jesús (Pedrosa), Aranda, Jesusín, Peral, Soladrero, Adolfo I,
       Timimi, Adolfo II, Romero, Enrique, Sanz

Overview of Finals



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