Saint Kitts and Nevis - List of Champions

Saint Kitts

Year    Winners                                           Runners-Up
1977    Rivals
1978    Superstars FC (Champsville)
1979      unknown
1980    Superstars FC (Champsville)
1981    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1982-83   unknown (not Newtown United)
1984    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1985      unknown (not Newtown United)
1986    Garden Hotspurs FC (Basseterre) 
1987    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1988    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1989    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1990    Garden Hotspurs FC (Basseterre)                   Newtown United FC (Basseterre)
1991    Village Superstars FC (Champsville)               Newtown United FC (Basseterre)
1992    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1993    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1994    Garden Hotspurs FC (Basseterre)                   Newtown United FC (Basseterre)
1995    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1996    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1997    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1998    Newtown United FC (Basseterre)  
1999    St. Paul's United (Basseterre)       3-0 0-1  4-2 Garden Hotspurs FC (Basseterre) 
2000/01 Garden Hotspurs FC (Basseterre)      3-0 0-0* 1-0 Village Superstars FC (Champsville)
2001/02 Cayon Rockets (Cayon)               *0-0 3-0      Garden Hotspurs FC (Basseterre) 
2002/03 Village Superstars FC (Champsville)  0-1 2-1 *0-0 Newtown United FC (Basseterre)
2003/04 Newtown United FC (Basseterre)       0-1 1-0  2-0 Village Superstars FC (Champsville) 
2004/05 Village Superstars FC (Champsville)  unk 1-0  2-1 St. Peter's FC (St. Peter's)  
2005/06 Village Superstars FC (Champsville)  3-1 3-0      St. Paul's United (Basseterre) 
2006/07 Newtown United FC (Basseterre)       0-1 4-1  2-0 Village Superstars FC (Champsville)
2007/08 Newtown United FC (Basseterre)      *0-0 3-2      Village Superstars FC (Champsville)
2008/09 St. Paul's United (Basseterre)      *2-2 1-0      Washington Archibald High School FC 
2009/10 Newtown United FC (Basseterre)       3-0 4-1      St. Peter's FC (St. Peter's)  
2010/11 Village Superstars FC (Champsville)  2-1 1-2  3-0 St. Paul's United (Basseterre) 
2011/12 Newtown United FC (Basseterre)       2-0 2-0      Conaree
2012/13 Conaree                             *0-0 1-0      St. Paul's United (Basseterre)
2013/14 St. Paul's United (Basseterre)       2-1 2-1      Village Superstars FC (Champsville) 

* indicates win on penalty shoot-out

NB: prior to the above, presumably in the 1960s and/or 1970s, the clubs
    Rivals, Rovers, Blackpool and Santos "dominated the football scene 
    in St. Kitts/Nevis".

Number of championships (since 1977; 4 years missing)

16 Newtown United FC (Basseterre)      [*1]

 7 Village Superstars FC (Champsville) [*2]

 4 Garden Hotspurs FC (Basseterre) 

 3 St. Paul's United (Basseterre)  

 1 Cayon Rockets (Cayon)    

[*1] Newtown United were founded 1973 as Zip Side, winning the Third
     Division in their first season before changing to their current name; 
     they were relegated as such to then Third Division but regained 
     their Second Division place and were promoted to the top level 
     in 1975 after beating Superstars 2-1 in a playoff.
[*2] Village Superstars were originally called Superstars and supposedly
     dominated local football in the 1980s, so they presumably won one
     or more (possibly all) of the championships listed as unknown above.


1959   not known
1960-03   not known
2004    Bath United 
2004/05 Fitness Pioneers (?)
2005/06 Harris United
2006/07 Bath United 
2007/08 Highlights
2008/09 Highlights
2009/10 Stoney Grove Strikers
2010/11   abandoned
2011/12   not held
2012/13   not held
2013/14 Highlights

NB: Harris United renamed Highlights in 2007

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