Surinam 1954/55

S.V.B. 1954

[Apr 16, 1954]
Robinhood        6-0 Transvaal
[Dec 12, 1954]
Voorwaarts       2-4 Transvaal
[Jan 2, 1955]
Robinhood        3-2 M.V.V.
[Jan 9, 1955]
M.V.V.           3-2 B.S.C.

Champions: Robinhood (only lost twice, both against Voorwaarts)

NB: B.S.C. finished last

N.G.V.B. 1954

Champions: Leo Victor

Surinaams Kampioenschap

The S.V.B. and the N.G.V.B. merged after the 1954 season.  In
the summer of 1955, the two champions played a match for the
overall championship of Surinam.

[Jun 12, 1955]
Robinhood        6-0 Leo Victor



list of champions.

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