Taiwan national team tour of South East Asia 1962

The tour was part of preparation for the Asian Games in Jakarta. 
However, just a few days before the games began, Taiwan was 
excluded (along with Israel) from competing after a decision by 
the Indonesian hosts.

Known results (possibly incomplete):

14- 7 Saigon         South Vietnam   1-1  Taiwan
??- 7 Saigon         Saigon XI        -   Taiwan
20- 7 Bangkok        Bangkok XI      1-1  Taiwan
23- 7 Bangkok        Bangkok XI      4-4  Taiwan
25- 7 Bangkok        Thailand        4-0  Taiwan
27- 7 Singapore      Singapore       2-2  Taiwan   (Singapore Asian Games team)
28- 7 Singapore      All-Singapore   0-4  Taiwan
[the team then went to Borneo, and played the following 9 matches]
??- ? Jesselton      Jesselton XI    1-9  Taiwan
??- ? Jesselton      West Coast XI   2-4  Taiwan
??- 8 Sandakan       Sandakan XI     0-10 Taiwan   (or at Kuching?)
??- 8 Sandakan       Sandakan XI     1-12 Taiwan
??- 8 Tawau          Tawau XI        0-8  Taiwan
11- 8 Brunei Town    Brunei XI       0-7  Taiwan   (Brunei Sports Club)
??- 8 Brunei Town    Brunei XI       2-7  Taiwan   (Brunei Sports Club Invitational XI)
??- 8 Labuan         Labuan XI       1-12 Taiwan
??- 8 Kuching        Sarawak         0-5  Taiwan   (nature of Sarawak team unconfirmed)
[the team then returned to Singapore]
22- 8 Singapore      All-Singapore   0-1  Taiwan

The football tournament of the Asian Games began on 25/08/1962 but Taiwan was excluded.

Notes: Singapore, North Borneo (later known as Sabah) and Sarawak were separate British crown
  colonies at this time. Labuan was part of North Borneo. Brunei was a British protected state.
  The term "All-Singapore" refers to a team selected from all players based in Singapore, including
  (for example) British servicemen. The same team was fielded in the Merdeka Tournament in Malaysia,
  September 1962. On the other hand, the match on 27/7/62 involved the Singapore team preparing for
  the Asian Games, though later the Singapore sports authorities decided not to send a football
  team to the Asian Games. That team was essentially "All-Singapore" minus the servicemen, in
  accordance with the Asian Games rules.

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