Turkey 1933

Türkiye Futbol Şampiyonası

The fourth edition of the Türkiye Futbol Şampiyonası (Turkish Football Championship) was held in 1933. The various regional champions qualified for the tournament played in knock-out format. The winners of the five regional groups, each consisting of three to four clubs, qualified for the final stage. The competition was played from 13 October to 11 November.

Çukurova Group

Round 1
Antalya          	     1-2 Diyarbakır Ayspor
Mersin İdman Yurdu           bye

Group Final
Mersin İdman Yurdu           1-3 Diyarbakır Ayspor

Western Anatolia Group

Round 1
İzmirspor 	             4-2 Balıkesir İdman Yurdu
Gençlerbirliği Uşak          4-2 Manisa İdman Yurdu

Group Final
Gençlerbirliği Uşak          0-8 İzmirspor

Black Sea Group

Round 1
Samsun Halkspor              5-1 Giresun                  
Trabzon İdman Ocağı 	     bye

Group Final
Trabzon İdman Ocağı 	     7-0 Samsun Halkspor

Marmara Group

Round 1
Bursa Sanatkarangücü         5-2 Çanakkale Türkgücü 
Fenerbahçe                  12-0 Adapazarı İdman Yurdu

Group Final
Bursa Sanatkarangücü          o/w Fenerbahçe                 [Bursa Sanatkarangücü did not show up due to Fenerbahçe's result
                                                              in Round 1 and forfeited. Fenerbahçe received a walkover]
Central Anatolia Group

Round 1
Eskişehir İdman Yurdu        3-2 Konya İdman Yurdu
Gençlerbirliği Ankara        4-1 Kütahya Türkspor

Group Final
Gençlerbirliği Ankara        6-0 Eskişehir İdman Yurdu

Final stage

Round 1
Gençlerbirliği Ankara	     1-4 Fenerbahçe              
İzmirspor                    7-0 Diyarbakır Ayspor
Trabzon İdman Ocağı          bye

Fenerbahçe 	             3-0 Trabzon İdman Ocağı 
İzmirspor                    bye

Final [Oct 29, Ankara]
Fenerbahçe                   abd İzmirspor                   [abandoned at second half at 0-1]
NB: In the second half referee Kemal Rıfat Kalpakçıoğlu awarded Fenerbahçe a penalty
    after their player was fouled in the box, which led to persistent protests of
    İzmirspor players. Eventually, İzmirspor supporters invaded the pitch and the match
    was abandoned. TFF decided that the replay was to be played on the home ground
    of the club which would be selected by draw and that a foreign referee would be
    assigned. Since İzmirspor won the draw, the replay was played at Alsancak Stadium
    in İzmir with Austrian M. Meitz as referee.

Replay [Nov 10, İzmir]
İzmirspor                    0-8 Fenerbahçe
     Stadium: Alsancak
     Spectators: 7,000
     Referee: M. Meitz (Austria)
     0-1 Fikret Arıcan 20'
     0-2 Zeki Rıza Sporel 30'
     0-3 Şaban Topkanlı 46'
     0-4 Muzaffer Çizer 58'
     0-5 Niyazi Sel 61'
     0-6 Reşat 68' [og]
     0-7 Zeki Rıza Sporel 72'
     0-8 Şaban Topkanlı 75'



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