Uruguay - Liga de Fútbol de la Charqueada (Treinta y Tres)

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The Liga de Fútbol de Charqueada was founded in 1983 as Liga Interna de Fútbol de Charqueada, and it's played between teams from the city of General Enrique Martínez (known as "La Charqueada").

It became affiliated to OFI on 17th May 1990, which is adopted as oficial foundation date.

The league was disjoined from the Sector Interior de Treitna y Tres on August.

List of Champions

1990  Defensor
1991  Merín
1992  Merín
1993  Merín
1994  Defensor
1995  Defensor
1996    not finished
1997  Defensor
1998  Defensor
1999  Defensor
2000  Merín
2001  Defensor

Number of titles

 7 Defensor

 4 Merín

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