Uruguay national team preparations for the Copa América 1987

10- 6 Uruguay 3-0 Colombia XI +
12- 6 Uruguay 3-0 Miramar Misiones
15- 6 Uruguay 3-1 Combinado de Tacuarembó
17- 6 Uruguay 6-0 Miramar Misiones
19- 6 Uruguay 2-1 Ecuador *
23- 6 Uruguay 2-1 Bolivia *
26- 6 Uruguay  -  Zaire   #
30- 6 Uruguay 5-0 Defensor Sporting
 4- 7 Uruguay 2-0 Argentinos Juniors

* The matches vs Ecuador and Bolivia are official internationals
  for Uruguay.
# The match vs Zaire is unofficial for Uruguay, though it was the
  full national team of Zaire. It  was announced as a fixture,
  but may have been cancelled.
+ The match on 10-6 was reported as vs "Colombia", but the
  Colombian national team played at home vs Ecuador on 11-6,
  so the team vs Uruguay was perhaps a Colombian club (or simply
  the source was wrong). 

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