Copa de Uruguay 1996

Copa de Uruguay

[Played between the two Montevideo giants, and no other teams.  Consists of
 a Zona Norte (matches in Paysandu and Rivera) and a Zona Sur (matches in
 Maldonado and Montevideo), for the first time in 1996.]

Zona Norte

August 24, 1996

First Final (in Paysandu)

Peñarol 1 (1) - Nacional 1 (0)   [1-0 pen.]

Cancha: Estadio Artigas (Paysandu)
Jueces: Julio Matto, Héctor Bonora y Daniel Lambach

Peñarol: Martínez, Gutiérrez, Tais, De Souza, Lima, Soca (78' Adinolfi),
Rehermann (90' Baltierra), Rotundo, Bengoechea; González (90' Pacheco),
Sosa (90' Garcia)

Nacional: Domínguez, Jara (78' Badell), Cabrera, Silva, Morsn, Tito
(76' Puglia), Abeijon, Barilko, Parodi, Correa (95' Pertusatti),  Fernandez

Goles: 21' Moran (N), 60' A. Gonzalez (P)

Definicion shot gol: Badell (N) afuera, Bengoechea (P) gol, Parodi (N)
atajado, Rotundo (P) atajado, S. Fernandez (N) afuera, García (P)
atajado, Pertusatti (N) afuera, Baltierra (P) paso los 8 segundos y Moran
(N) atajado

August 29

Second Final (in Rivera)

Peñarol 3-2 Nacional

Peñarol wins zona Norte.  Had Nacional won the second final, there
would have been a shootout to determine the overall winner.

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