US Open Cup 1913/14

First Round

      New York City District
11/ 2/13  Brooklyn Field Club 1, R. T. Strollers 0
11/ 2/13  German F. C. 5, Cameron F. C. 0
Byes - Yonkers F. C., Broollyn Celtic F. C., Clan MacKenzie F. C.,
       Columbia Oval F. C., Hollywood Inn F. C., Fulton A. C.

      New Jersey District
11/ 2/13  Alley Boys F. C. 8, C. S. Jersey Blues F. C. 5  (at Harrison, NJ)
11/ 2/13  Babcock & Wilcox F. C. 2, Cowboy F. C. 6 (at Bayonne, NJ)
Byes - Watsessing F. C., West Hudson Juniors

      Pennsylvania District
11/ 1/13  Bethlehem FC 7,. Disston F. C. 0  (at Bethlehem)
11/ 1/13  Tacony F. C. forfeited to Kensington F. C. of Philadelphia (at Philadelphia)
Byes - F. C. West Philadelphia, F. C. Wissinoming F. C., Braddock F. C.

      Western New York District
11/ 2/13  Niagara Falls rangers F. C. 6, Buffalo Corinthians 1 (at Buffalo)
Byes - MacNaughton Rangers of Rochester NY

      New England District
11/ 1/13  New Bedford FC 3, Farr Alpacas of Holyoke, MA 1. (at New Bedford, MA)
Bye -- Presbyterian F. C. of Bridgeport, CT

      Detroit District
Byes -- Roses F. C., Packard F. C.

      Chicago District
Byes -- Pullman F. C., Hyde Park Blues F. C., Campbell Rovers F. C., MacDuffs F. C.

Second Round

      New York District
11/30/13  Hudson United F. C. 0, St. George F. C. 0
12/ 7/13  Yonkers F. C. 3, Fulton A. C. 0
12/14/13  Columbia Oval F. C. 5,. Clan Mackenzie F. C. 2
12/14/13  New York Celtic F. C. 4, German F. C. 1
12/14/13  Brooklyn Celtic F. C. 6, Hollywood Inn F. C. 0
12/14/13  Hudson United F. C. 1, St. George F. C. 1 (replay)
12/21/13  Brooklyn F. C. 3, Brooklyn Rangers 0
12/21/13  St. George F. C. 2, Hudson United F. C. 1 (2nd replay)

      New Jersey District
12/14/13  Babcock & Wilcox 5, Watsessing F. C. 3 (at Bayonne, NJ)
12/14/13  West Hudson Juniors 3, Alley Boys F. C. 3 (at Harrison, NJ)
12/21/13  Alley Boys F. C. 4, West Hudson Juniors 0 (replay)

      Pennsylvania District
12/ 6/13  Bethlehem F. C. 3, Braddock F. C. 2 (at Pittsburgh)
12/ 6/13  Peabody F. C. 1, Wissinoming F. C. 1  (at Philadelphia)
12/13/13  Peabody F. C. 3, Wissinoming 0 (replay) (at Philadelphia)
12/ 6/13  West Philadelphia F. C. 4, Kensington F. C. 1 (at Philadelphia)

      Northwestern New York District
11/30/13  MacNaughton Rangers F. CV. 1, Niagara Falls F. C. 0  (At Rochester)
(game protested; protest sustained, replay ordered for 1/18.  MacNaughton failed
 to appear and forfeited.)

      New England District
12/ 6/13  New Bedford F. C. 3, Presbyterian F. C. of Bridgeport, CT 0 (at New Bedford)

      Detroit District
12/14/13  Detroit Roses F. C. 2, Packard F. C. of Detroit 2 (at Detroit)
12/21/13  Detroit Roses F. C. 2, Packard F. C. of Detroit 1 (at Detroit; replay)

      Chicago District
 1/18/14  Brooklyn Celtic F. C. 5, Babcock & Wilcox F. C. 0
 1/25/14  Brooklyn field Club 1, Bethlehem F. C. 0
 1/25/14  Columbia Oval F. C. 2, Alley Boys F. C. 1
 2/ 1/14  Yonkers F. C. 3, New York City F. C. 1

      Pennsylvania District
 1/31/14  St. George F. C. of New York City forfeited to Peabody F. C. (at Philadelphia)

      New England District
 1/24/14  New Bedford F. C. 2, West Philadelphia F. C. 0

      Detroit District
 2/ 1/14  Niagara Falls Rangers F. C. 2, Roses F. C. of Detroit 0 (at Detroit)

      Chicago District
 3/ 8/14  Pullman F. C. of Pullman IL 4, Hyde Park Blues of Chicago 2 (at Chicago)

Fourth Round (Partial)

      New York City District
 3/28/14  Brooklyn Field Club 4, Yonkers F. C. 1
 3/21/14  New Bedford F. C. 1, Peabody F. C. of Philadelphia 1

      Northwestern New York District
 4/ 5/14  Niagara Falls Rangers F. C. 2, Pullman F. C. 1 (at Niagara Falls)

(complete details for rest of 4th round and final 2 rounds not available at
 present time)

 5/16/14  Brooklyn Field Club (NAFBL)          2-1 Brooklyn Celtic 

Note of Interest:  Yonkers F. C. was listed as being the “present cup holder”!
This is because the Dewar Cup had been originally created in 1913 for a
different competition (I don’t have the name with me at present) which was only
held that one year.  Yonkers F. C. won that tournament, but those games are not
counted as officially part of the US Open Cup history.

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1915 (us open cup)

list of finals

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