Van Bodegraven-Cup 1931-1935 (Djember)

This tournament was first held in 1931 to celebrate the silver jubilee (in the sense of a 25-year long football career) of Herman "Mantiel" van Bodegraven, a forward who had been the star player of Hercules in Batavia and represented the W.J.V.B. (Batavia city selection) in eleven consecutive editions of the stedenwedstrijden (1915-1925), twice scoring the solitary and thus winning goal in the final (1919 and 1923), who had moved to Djember by 1930 as employee of the B.O.W. (Burgerlijke Openbare Werken), where he captained local club side D.S.V.
All participating clubs were from the residency Besoeki, which encompassed the four easternmost regencies on Java: Bondowoso, Panaroekan, Djember and Banjoewangi.
All matches were played at the D.S.V.-terrein on the Kepatihanweg.

1931    D.E.K. (Kalibaroe)
1932    D.S.V. (Djember)
1933    S.V.S. (Sitoebondo)
1934    D.S.V. (Djember)
1935    D.S.V. (Djember)

NB: after their third win in 1935, D.S.V. were given the trophy to keep.

List of Participating Clubs

Club     (home town  - regency)       [entries]        full name
B.P.S.V. (Bondowoso  - Bondowoso)     [1931,1932]      Bondowoso'sche Politie Sport Vereeniging
D.E.K.   (Kalibaroe  - Banjoewangi)   [1931-1935]      Door Eendracht Kracht
D.S.V.   (Djember    - Djember)       [1931-1935]      Djembersche Sport Vereeniging
S.V.S.   (Sitoebondo - Panaroekan)    [1933,1934]      Sport Vereeniging Sitoebondo
S.V.V.   (Sitoebondo - Panaroekan)    [1931,1932]      Sitoebondosche Voetbal Vereeniging
T.H.O.L. (Bondowoso  - Bondowoso)     [1933,1934]      Tot Heil Onzer Longen

Notes: D.E.K. were officially founded on 17 Feb 1931 as Door Eendracht Kracht, but
         had started playing unofficially in 1930 as De Elf Koffieboeren, which
         remained their nickname;
       S.V.V. (founded Nov 1930) merged with S.K.C. (a korfbal club) on 25 Aug 1933
         to form S.V.S.; they were nicknamed Sitoebandieten.

Van Bodegraven-Cup 1931


[Aug 23]
D.S.V.           1-2 B.P.S.V.         
[Sep 6]
D.E.K.           2-1 S.V.V.           

Final [Sep 13]
D.E.K.           2-0 B.P.S.V.         

Van Bodegraven-Cup 1932

[Apr 24]
D.S.V.           4-0 S.V.V.           
[May 8]
D.E.K.           5-2 B.P.S.V.         

Final [May 21] 
D.S.V.           bt  D.E.K.           

Van Bodegraven-Cup 1933

[Sep 17]
D.S.V.           2-6 S.V.S.           
[Sep 24]
D.E.K.           0-1 T.H.O.L.         

Final [Oct 8]
S.V.S.           6-1 T.H.O.L.         

Van Bodegraven-Cup 1934

[Sep 2]
D.S.V.           bt  T.H.O.L.         
[Sep 9]
S.V.S.           6-1 D.E.K.           

Final [Sep 16]
D.S.V.           bt  S.V.S.           

Van Bodegraven-Cup 1935

Final [Nov 24]
D.S.V.           8-1 D.E.K.           

NB: it is not known whether semifinals were played.

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