Wanbao Cup (Guangzhou) 1988

International Friendship Inter-City Tournament (Wanbao Cup)

 8-11 Fukuoka   0-4 Frankfurt
 8-11 Guangzhou 0-0 Auckland
10-11 Guangzhou 2-0 Fukuoka
10-11 Frankfurt 0-2 Auckland
12-11 Auckland  5-0 Fukuoka
12-11 Guangzhou 1-2 Frankfurt

 1.Auckland FA (New Zealand)    3  2  1  0  7- 0  5
 2.Frankfurt (West Germany)     3  2  0  1  6- 3  4
 3.Guangzhou (China)            3  1  1  1  3- 2  3
 4.Fukuoka (Japan)              3  0  0  3  0-11  0

The precise identity of the foreign teams is unclear, but they 
represented the cities of Auckland, Frankfurt, and Fukuoka 
(all 'sister cities' of Guangzhou).

Auckland FA Match Data


Players: Marty Jennison (captain), Noel Barkley, David Witteveen, Billy Wright, Michael Ridenton, Nigel Debenham, Dave 
Taylor (all Mt Wellington), Tony Levy, Tommy Mason, Chris Riley, Kim Wright (all North Shore United), Stu Graham*, Ross 
Mackay*, Bob Wilshire* (all Mt Roskill) and  Roger Gray* (West Auckland).
Tour leaders: Harry Dods (Auckland FA chairman) & Mick King (deputy chairman).
Team liaison: Arthur Egan.
Physiotherapist: Bryce Hastings.
Team coach: Dave Taylor.
Team manager: John Adshead

Sean Hird (Mt Albert-Ponsonby)*, Peter Kuiper and Richard Miranda (both Mt Wellington) were initially selected to tour 
with the Auckland team but were unable to travel. Their replacements were Mt Wellington's Michael Ridenton, Nigel 
Debenham and Dave Taylor.  

* - players from outside of the National League

Match details

GUANGZHOU           0
AUCKLAND            0
Auckland:           Bob Wilshire, Ross Mackay, Roger Gray, Marty Jennison [c], Tommy Mason, Michael Ridenton,
                    Chris Riley, Nigel Debenham (Dave Witteveen 65'), Tony Levy (Kim Wright 75'), Noel Barkley, 
                    Billy Wright.
Notes:              Match kicked-off at 7:30 pm.

FRANKFURT           0
AUCKLAND            2 (Roger Gray 2', Noel Barkley 65')
Frankfurt:          Thomas Kaiser, [10 missing].
Auckland:           Bob Wilshire, Ross Mackay (Stu Graham), Marty Jennison [c], Roger Gray, Tommy Mason, Tony 
                    Levy (Kim Wright), Chris Riley, Dave Witteveen, Noel Barkley, Billy Wright, Michael Ridenton.
Notes:              Frankfurt  described as a "professional team" but "not Eintracht". Auckland's substitutions 
                    appear to have been made after the second goal was scored. Frankfurt made a substitution with 
                    10 minutes left in the match. Match kicked-off at 7:30 pm.  

FUKUOKA             0
AUCKLAND            5 (Billy Wright 14', Roger Gray, Dave Witteveen 55', 85', Marty Jennison 75')
Auckland:           Bob Wilshire, Ross Mackay (Stu Graham 78), Marty Jennison [c], Roger Gray, Tommy Mason, Michael
                    Ridenton (Nigel Debenham 60), Chris Riley, Dave Witteveen, Tony Levy, Noel Barkley, Billy Wright 
                    (Kim Wright 78).
Notes:              Roger Gray's goal was the second of the match; a header from a Chris Riley corner. It was scored 
                    in the first half. It was also reported that Marty Jennison scored two goals in this match.
                    Match kicked-off at 7:00 pm.

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