Scheepvaartbeker and Scheltemabeker (Amsterdam) 1917-1920

The tournament for the Scheepvaartbeker originally consisted of athletic competitions for army and navy, and was first held in 1915.
Starting from 1917, it also included a pre-season football competition, open to clubs from the Eerste Klasse, champions of the Tweede Klasse and winners of the Dutch cup.
The losing finalists were given the Scheltemabeker, which thus served as a runners-up cup, like (since 1918) the Revue-beker at the tournament for the Zilveren Voetbal in Rotterdam.
After three editions, it was decided to discontinue the tournament. A final edition was held in 1920, at which the three former winners played for permanent possession of the Scheepvaartbeker and the three former runners-up contested the right to own the Scheltemabeker, which can therefore truly be considered to be a "losers cup".


Year  Winners                       Runners-Up
1917  't Gooi (Hilversum)       2-0 A.F.C. (Amsterdam)
1918  Blauw Wit (Amsterdam)     4-0 Ajax (Amsterdam)
1919  Hermes D.V.S. (Schiedam)  3-0 Stormvogels (IJmuiden)
      Scheepvaartbeker              Scheltemabeker
1920  't Gooi (Hilversum)           Ajax (Amsterdam)


Participants (10, of which 9 actually played):
A.F.C.              (Amsterdam)
Amstel              (Amsterdam)
Blauw Wit           (Amsterdam)
D.V.S.              (Rotterdam; played in Vlaardingen)
Forward             (Groningen)      [did not show]
't Gooi             (Hilversum)
Robur et Velocitas  (Apeldoorn)
De Spartaan         (Amsterdam)
Vitesse             (Arnhem)
V.V.A.              (Amsterdam)

Round 1 [Aug 19]
Amstel              0-2 V.V.A.              
Robur et Velocitas  0-2 't Gooi             
De Spartaan         w/o Forward             
A.F.C.              bye
Blauw Wit           bye
D.V.S.              bye
Vitesse             bye
NB: instead of the match between De Spartaan and Forward, a friendly
    was played with guests Willem II from Tilburg:
De Spartaan         1-2 Willem II           

Round 2 [Aug 26]
Vitesse             2-3 D.V.S.              
Blauw Wit           0-1 A.F.C.              
De Spartaan         1-1 V.V.A.              [aet, V.V.A. on lots]
't Gooi             bye

Semifinals [Aug 31]
D.V.S.              0-1 't Gooi             [aet]
V.V.A.              0-0 A.F.C.              [aet, A.F.C. on lots]

Final [Aug 31]
't Gooi             2-0 A.F.C.              

NB: as final losers, A.F.C. obtained the Scheltemabeker.


Participants (13):
A.F.C.              (Amsterdam)
Ajax                (Amsterdam)
Amstel              (Amsterdam)
Blauw Wit           (Amsterdam)
Bredania            (Breda)
D.V.S.              (Rotterdam; played in Vlaardingen)
't Gooi             (Hilversum)
Hilversum           (Hilversum)
R.C.H.              (Haarlem)
Robur et Velocitas  (Apeldoorn)
De Spartaan         (Amsterdam)
V.V.A.              (Amsterdam)
W.F.C.              (Wormerveer)

Round 1 [Aug 25]
Amstel              1-0 Hilversum           
W.F.C.              1-1 R.C.H.              [aet, R.C.H. on lots]
't Gooi             3-0 D.V.S.              
De Spartaan         2-0 Robur et Velocitas  
Ajax                3-0 A.F.C.              
Blauw Wit           3-1 V.V.A.              
Bredania            bye

Round 2 [Aug 31]
't Gooi             2-1 Amstel              
Ajax                2-0 Bredania            
Blauw Wit           1-0 R.C.H.              
De Spartaan         bye

Semifinals [Sep 1]
Ajax                1-0 De Spartaan         
Blauw Wit           2-0 't Gooi             

Final [Sep 1]
Blauw Wit           4-0 Ajax                

NB: as final losers, Ajax obtained the Scheltemabeker.


Participants (16):
A.F.C.              (Amsterdam)
Blauw Wit           (Amsterdam)
Bredania            (Breda)
Go Ahead            (Deventer) 
't Gooi             (Hilversum)
Hermes D.V.S.       (Schiedam)       [merger of Hermes (Schiedam) and D.V.S. (Rotterdam)]
Hilversum           (Hilversum)
M.V.V.              (Maastricht)
N.O.A.D.            (Tilburg)
R.C.H.              (Haarlem)
De Spartaan         (Amsterdam)
Stormvogels         (IJmuiden)
Tubantia            (Hengelo)
V.V.A.              (Amsterdam)
W.F.C.              (Wormerveer)
Z.A.C.              (Zwolle)

Round 1 [Aug 31]
V.V.A.              2-0 R.C.H.              
W.F.C.              2-0 Hilversum           
A.F.C.              0-3 Hermes D.V.S.       
't Gooi             1-0 Tubantia            
De Spartaan         0-2 Z.A.C.              
M.V.V.              2-2 Bredania            [Bredania on lots]
Go Ahead            0-2 N.O.A.D.            
Blauw Wit           0-1 Stormvogels         

Round 2 [Sep 7]
W.F.C.              2-0 V.V.A.              
N.O.A.D.            1-2 Stormvogels         
't Gooi             2-1 Bredania            
Hermes D.V.S.       1-0 Z.A.C.              

Semifinals [Sep 14]
Stormvogels         1-0 W.F.C.              
't Gooi             0-0 Hermes D.V.S.       [aet, Hermes D.V.S. on lots]

Friendly [Sep 14]
Blauw Wit           2-1 A.F.C.              

Final [Sep 14]
Hermes D.V.S.       3-0 Stormvogels         

NB: as final losers, Stormvogels obtained the Scheltemabeker.


NB: last edition, winners to keep trophy; only former winners invited.

Participants Scheepvaartbeker (3):
Blauw Wit           (Amsterdam)
't Gooi             (Hilversum)
Hermes D.V.S.       (Schiedam)
Participants Scheltemabeker (3, of which 2 actually played):
A.F.C.              (Amsterdam)
Ajax                (Amsterdam)
Stormvogels         (IJmuiden)        [did not show]


[Sep 11]
Ajax                2-1 A.F.C.              

NB: Ajax obtain permanent ownership of the Scheltemabeker.


[Sep 12]
Blauw Wit           0-1 't Gooi             
Blauw Wit           1-0 Hermes D.V.S.       
Hermes D.V.S.       1-1 't Gooi             

Final Table:

 1.'t Gooi              2   1  1  0   2- 1   3
 2.Blauw Wit            2   1  0  1   1- 1   2
 3.Hermes D.V.S.        2   0  1  1   1- 2   1

NB: 't Gooi obtain permanent ownership of the Gouden Scheepvaartbeker.

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