South Georgia - Football History

This island is now uninhabited but until 1964 there were a number of settlements of whalers, including some football pitches. At the time it was a dependency of the Falkland Islands.

On Feb 23 the first sports meeting was held in Prince Olav Harbour, where the
first sports club was founded.  In the football match, Grytviken beat the hosts
(both sports clubs founded 1928, shortly before the match).


The largest ever tournament was held here on Feb 14 and 15, with teams from 5 
stations (Grytviken, Leith Harbour, Husvik, Stromness and Prince Olav Harbour).

One of the competitions was for the Falkland Islands Government Cup.


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Source: Tønnessen, J. N. and A. O. Johnsen: The History of Modern Whaling (1982), page 289.

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