Canada - Canadian National Challenge Cup

The top cup competition in Canada. It was started in 1913 as an invitational competition with teams from various regions of the country. The victor was awarded the Connaught Cup. In 1915, it was changed to be a 3-game series between the champions of the East and the West. In 1926, the Connaught Cup was retired in favour of a new cup donated by the English Football Association. A year later, the competition was opened to amateur clubs. In 1956, the final was changed to a single game. For a brief time in the 1950's, Carling Breweries sponsored the competition and the Carling trophy. Due to financial problems, competition was suspended in 1963. In 1966, a unique format was utilized, with provincial competition producing a champion from each province who would comprise the pool. Except for a brief change in the early 1970's, the format would remain unchanged from the one instituted in 1956.
Year  Winners                           Runners-Up

1913  Norwood Wanderers of Winnipeg     Lachine Quebec 
1914  Norwood Wanderers of Winnipeg     Fort Willan C.P.R.
1915  Winnipeg Scottish         0-0 6-1 Toronto Lancashire
1916-18 not held due to the war
1919  Montreal Grand Trunk      2-1 1-0 Winnipeg War Veterans
1920  Hamilton Westinghouse     0-0 2-1 Winnipeg Britannia
1921  Toronto Scottish              bt  Ladysmith (B.C.)
1922  Calgary Hillhursts            bt  Toronto Ulster United
1923  Naniamo Wanderers             bt  Montreal C.P.R.
1924  United Weston (Winnipeg)      bt  Canadian Explosives (Beloeil)
1925  Toronto Ulster United         bt  Naniamo Wanderers
1926  United Weston (Winnipeg)      bt  Canadian Collieries (B.C.)
1927  Naniamo Wanderers             bt  Fort William Legion
1928  New Westminster Royals        bt  Montreal C.N.R.
1929  Montreal C.N.R.               bt  United Weston (Winnipeg)
1930  New Westminster Royals        bt  Montreal C.N.R.
1931  New Westminster Royals        bt  Toronto Scottish
1932  Toronto Scottish Vancouver    bt  North Shore
1933  Toronto Scottish              bt  Prince Albert City Reds
1934  Verdun Park (Montreal)        bt  Prince Albert City Reds
1935  Montreal Aldrods              bt  Naniamo Wanderers
1936  New Westminster Royals        bt  United Weston (Winnipeg)
1937  Johnston Nationals (B.C.)     bt  Toronto Ulster United
1938  Vancouver North Shore         bt  Tiammins Dome Mines
1939  Vancouver Radials             bt  Montreal Carsteel
1940-1945 not held due to war
1946  Toronto Ulster United         bt  Fort Wiliam Combines
1947  Vancouver St. Andrews         bt  Winnipeg Scottish
1948  Montreal Carsteel             bt  Vancouver St. Andrew's
1949  Vancouver North Shore         bt  Hamilton Westinghouse
1950  Vancouver City                bt  Winnipeg Scottish
1951  Toronto Ulster United         bt  Vancouver St. Andrew's
1952  Montreal Stelco               bt  New westminster Royals
1953  New westminster Royals        bt  Montreal Hakoah
1954  Winnipeg Scottish             bt  Vancouver North Shore
1955  New Westminster Royals        bt  Montreal Ukraina
1956  Vancouver Halecos             5-1 Winnipeg germania 
1957  Montreal Ukraina              2-1 Vancouver North Shore
1958  New Westminster Royals        2-0 Winnipeg Scottish 
1959  Montreal Alouettes            3-2 New Westminster Royals 
1960  New Westminster Royals        4-0 Toronto Golden Mile 
1961  Montreal Concordia            1-0 Vancouver Firefighters 
1962  Winnipeg Scottish             6-0 Edmonton Edelweiss 
1963    no competition
1964  Vancouver Columbus            4-0 Sudbury Italian Flyers
1965  Vancouver Firefighters        3-0 Oshawa Italians
1966  British Columbia              2-0 Quebec 
1967  Ballymena United (Toronto)    1-0 Calgary Buffalo Kickers
1968  Toronto Royals                2-1 Vancouver Columbus 
1969  Vancouver Columbus           10-0 Montreal Ukraina 
1970    no competition
1971  Vancouver Eintracht           3-1 Windsor Maple Leafs 
1972  New Westminster Blues         3-0 Toronto San Fili 
1973  Vancouver Firefighters        2-0 Toronto West Indies United
1974  Calgary Kickers               2-1 Windsor Italia 
1975  London Boxing Club            3-1 St. Lawrence Laurentians
1976  Victoria west                 3-2 Winnipeg Fort Rouge 
1977  Vancouver Columbus            1-0 St. Lawrence Lauentians
1978  Vancouver Columbus            3-1 Montreal Elio Blues 
1979  Victoria West                 6-2 La Salle Olympians 
1980  Saint John Drydock            3-2 Ottawa Maple Leaf Almrausch 
1981  Toronto Ciociaro              2-1 Calgary Kickers 
1982  Victoria west                 4-0 Saskatoon United 
1983  Vancouver Firefighters        2-1 Windsor Croatia 
1984  Victoria West                 1-0 Dundas United 
1985  Vancouver Croatia             3-0 Montreal Elio-Blues
1986  Hamilton Steelers             1-0 Vancouver Croatia 
1987  Winnipeg  Lucania             1-0 New Westminster Q.P.R. 
1988  St. John's Holy Cross         2-0 Edmonton Ital-Canadians
1989  Scarborough Azzuri            3-2 St. John's Holy Cross 
1990  Vancouver Firefighters        1-0 Dartmouth United 
1991  Vancouver Norvan ANAF         3-2 Scarborough Azzuri 
1992  Vancouver Norvan ANAF         1-0 Edmonton Scottish 
1993  Vancouver Westside Rino       1-0 Calommiers de Longueil 
1994  Edmonton Ital-Canadians       1-0 Scarborough Azzuri "A" 
1995  Mistral-Estrie                1-0 Halifax Kind of Dnair 
1996  Westside C.I.B.C.             2-1 Cosmos de LaSalle 
1997  Edmonton Ital-Canadians       3-1 North Shore Pegasus 
1998  RDP Condores PQ               bt  Hamilton Serbians
1999  Calgary Celtics               1-0 Coquitlam Metro Ford Wolves
2000  Winnipeg Lucania              2-0 Westside Rinos "A"
2001  Halifax King of Donair        4-1 Victoria Gorge FC
2002  Winnipeg Sons of Italy        1-0 St. Lawrence Laurentians        [aet]
2003  Calgary Callies               bt  Panellinios 	
2004  Pegasus FC                    0-0 Ottawa Royals                   [4-3 pen]
2005  Scarborough GS United         3-2 Edmonton Green & Gold     
2006  Ottawa St. Anthony Italia     1-0 Calgary Callies
2007  Calgary Callies               5-0 Columbus Clan FC               
2008  Calgary Callies               3-1 Corfinium de St-Leonard
2009  SC Hellas                     1-0 Beauport
2010  Churchill Arms FC             2-0 Gorge FC
2011  Huskie Alumni                 2-0 ICST Pegasus
2012  Royal Select de Beauport      3-3 Edmonton Scottish               [4-2 pen]
2013  Gloucester Celtic             3-0 Surrey United Firefighters
2014  London Marconi                0-0 Calgary Callies                 [4-2 pen] 
Most wins:  New Westminster Royals 10, Winnipeg Scottish 6.

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