Bolivia - Copa Simón Bolívar

Until 1976 this tournament was played for the national championship and qualification for the Copa Libertadores; since 1989 the winners are promoted to the first division.

Year    Winners                         Runners-up
national championship
1960    Wilstermann                     Aurora
1961    Municipal                       Aurora
1962    not held
1963    not held
1964    The Strongest                   Aurora
1965    Municipal                       Wilstermann
1966    Bolívar                         31 de Octubre
1967    Wilstermann                     Always Ready
1968    Bolívar                         Litoral
1969    Universitario                   Litoral
1970    Chaco                           The Strongest
1971    Oriente                         Chaco
1972    Wilstermann                     Oriente Petrolero
1973    Wilstermann                     Municipal
1974    The Strongest                   Wilstermann 
1975    Guabirá                         Bolívar
1976    Bolívar                         Oriente Petrolero
1977 - 1988 not held
second division championship 
1989    Enrique Happ                    Universidad
1990    Universidad                     Naval Mamoré
1991    Enrique Happ                    Guabirá
1992    Enrique Happ                    Universidad Católica
1993    Real Santa Cruz                 Estudiantes Frontanilla
1994    Stormers                        Always Ready
1995    Municipal                       Chaco
1996    Blooming                        Universidad 
1997    Real Potosí                     Universitario (Cochabamba)
1998    Unión Central                   Atlético Pompeya
1999    Atlético Pompeya                Mariscal Braun
2000    Iberoamericano                  Aurora    
2001    San José                        Primero de Mayo
2002    Aurora                          Fancesa
2003    La Paz FC                       Real Santa Cruz
2004    Destroyers                      Primero de Mayo
2005    Universitario (Sucre)           Guabirá
2006    Municipal Real Mamoré           Ciclón
2007    Guabirá                         Nacional (Potosí)
2008    Nacional (Potosí)               Primero de Mayo 
2009    Guabirá                         Ciclón

NB: Enrique Happ (full name Escuela Enrique Happ) from Cochabamba were never 
    promoted to the first division in spite of winning the cup three times,
    apparently because they are a special footballing school (like the better
    known Academia Tahuichi in Santa Cruz).  

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