Germany - DJK/DT Championships

The (catholic) Deutsche Jugend-Kraft (DJK) organised four national championships during the interbellum; the (conservative) Deutsche Turnerschaft (DT) six.

The Deutsche Akademiker-Meisterschaft was only open to university graduates.

Also see socialist and communist football championships in Germany.
DJK champions

1921    DJK Katernberg Essen        3-2 DJK Ludwigshafen                [aet]   
1924    DJK Katernberg Essen        4-2 DJK Sparta Bürgel       
1927    Sparta Nürnberg             6-1 DJK TuS 08 Homberg-Hochheide  
1932    Sparta Nürnberg             5-2 DJK Adler Frintrop 

NB: the DJK organised at least three 'international' matches against
    a representation of the Dutch catholic FA:

    6- 7-1927 Köln                   Germany 2-2 Netherlands
         1931 Wuppertal-Elberfeld    Germany 2-3 Netherlands
         1932 Dortmund               Germany 5-0 Netherlands

DT champions

1924/25 MTV Fürth                   5-0 Kieler MTV
1925/26 MTV Fürth                   3-2 Rothenburgsorther TV Hamburg
1926/27 TV 1861 Frost               6-0 TV 1846 Mannheim 
1927/28 Harburger TB 1865           1-0 ATV Leipzig-Paunsdorf
1928/29 TV 1846 Mannheim            5-0 ATG Gera 
1929/30 Kruppsche KG Essen          5-4 MTV Wilhelmsburg                [aet]

Deutsche Akademiker champions
1911    VfB Marburg
1912    Holstein Kiel
1913    VfB Leipzig

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