Iraq 1974/75

NB: the first nationwide league of clubs, started Oct 4, 1974

Al-Tayaran	Founded: 1931		Baghdad
Al-Shurta	Founded: 1974		Baghdad
Al-Naqil	Founded: 1937		Baghdad
Samawa      	Founded: 1963		Muthanna
Al-Jaish	Founded: 1974		Baghdad
Babil		Founded: 1960		Babil
Al-Baladiyat	Founded: 1974		Baghdad
Al-Rafadin	Founded: 1965		Qadissiya
Al-Sinaa	Founded: 1974		Baghdad
Al-Muwasalat	Founded: 1974		Baghdad

Mergers or Renamings before the season:

Al-Sikak Al-Hadeed (Railways) were renamed Al-Naqil (Transport)
Nadi Al-Shurta Al-Riyadha (Police Sports Club) was formed by the 
  merger of Aliyat Al-Shurta (Police Machinery), Shurta Al-Najda 
  (Police Debuties) and Kuliya Al-Shurta (Police Academy).
Al-Kahraba (Electrics) were merged with other Electronic corporations 
  to form Al-Sinaa (Industry Sports Club) 
Al-Muwasalat (Transportation) were formed by the merger of Al-Bareed 
  (Post Office) and Al-Minaa Al-Basri (Basra Port Club).
Al-Baladiyat (Municipalities) were formed by the merger of Al-Maslaha 
  Naqil Al-Rakab (Passenger Transport Department) and Esalet Al-Mai 
  (Water Liquefaction).
Nadi Al-Jaish Al-Riyadha (Army Sports Club) were formed by the merger
  of Al-Mashat and other Army teams.

First Match [Oct 4, 1974]
Tayaran       1-1 Sinaa

Final Ranking

 1.Al-Tayaran 			30 	Champions 
 2.Al-Naqil 			29 	Folded 
 3.Al-Muwasalat 		27 	Dissolved 
 4.Al-Sinaa 			25 
 5.Al-Shurta 			20 
 6.Samawa 			16 
 7.Al-Baladiyat 		15 
 8.Al-Jaish 			10 
 9.Babel 		  	 6 
10.Rafidain 		  	 3 	Relegated 

In the 2nd division, Al-Zawraa won promotion as champions.

At the end of the season, Al-Naqil had no administration and financial 
backing so they folded and their players joined newly promoted and 
former Ministry league team, Al-Zawraa (Al-Zawraa Sports Club were 
founded in June 29, 1969 as Al-Muwsalat (Transportation) and renamed 
Zawraa in 1972; they started 1972 at the 4th level and managed 3 
successive promotions).

Al-Jama’a (University) (renamed Talaba (Students) in 1977), 
Al-Iktisad (later renamed Al-Tijara (Trade) in 1977), Al-Hilla, 
Diyala and Al-Minaa (Al-Muwasalat, the club they merged with in 
1974 folded and the club were brought back) joined the league 
as it increased to 13 teams for the 1975/76 season.

1.Thamir Yosif    (Naqil)          13
2.Kadim Waal      (Muasalat)        9



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