Iraq - List of Champions

1948/49   Sharakat Nafat Al-Basra

Iraqi FA Cup Championship

NB: competition was considered the national championship but played in
    knock-out format; clubs were divided over 2 divisions, the champions
    below are those of the first level.  A Baghdad-based league was first
    held in 1961/62, the FA Cup tournament continued.

1956/57   Al-Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab 
1957/58   Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya 
1958/59   Amana Al-Asama 
1959/60   Nadi Athori [aka Assyrian SC]
1960/61   Al-Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab 

League of the Institutes (Dawr Foroq Al-Muassasat) of Baghdad 1962-1973

1961/62   Al-Quwa Al-Jawia 
1962/63   Madrasa Al-Shurta
1963/64   Al-Quwa Al-Jawia 
1964/65   Al-Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab 
1965/66   Al-Farqa Al-Thalatha
1966/67     abandoned after Six-Day War in June 1967  
1967/68   Aliyat Al-Shurta
1968/69   Aliyat Al-Shurta           
1969/70   Aliyat Al-Shurta
1970/71   Al-Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab 
1971/72   Aliyat Al-Shurta
1972/73   Al-Tayaran (=Al-Quwa Al-Jawia)  [*1]

[*1] due to preparations for the 1974 World Cup qualifying competition, the league was
     played as a single round robin.

League of the Institutes (Dawr Foroq Al-Muassasat) of Iraq 1973/74

1973/74   Al-Tayaran

League of Iraqi Clubs

1974/75   Al-Tayaran
1975/76   Al-Zawra
1976/77   Al-Zawra                        [*2]
1977/78   Al-Mina
1978/79   Al-Zawra
1979/80   Al-Shurta
1980/81   Al-Talaba
1981/82   Al-Talaba
1982/83   Salah-Al-Deen
1983/84   Al-Jaish 
1984/85     abandoned
1985/86   Al-Talaba
1986/87   Al-Rasheed
1987/88   Al-Rasheed
1988/89   Al-Rasheed
1989/90   Al-Tayaran
1990/91   Al-Zawra
1991/92   Al-Quwa Al-Jawia 
1992/93   Al-Talaba 
1993/94   Al-Zawra
1994/95   Al-Zawra
1995/96   Al-Zawra
1996/97   Al-Quwa Al-Jawia 
1997/98   Al-Shurta
1998/99   Al-Zawra
1999/00   Al-Zawra
Premier League (Dawri Al-Nokba)
2000/01   Al-Zawra
2001/02   Al-Talaba 
2002/03     abandoned                     [*3]
2003/04     abandoned
2004/05   Al-Quwa Al-Jawia 
2005/06   Al-Zawra
2006/07   Arbil
2007/08   Arbil
2008/09   Arbil
2009/10   Duhok
2010/11   Al-Zawra
2011/12   Arbil
2012/13   Al-Shurta
2013/14     abandoned                     [*4]
2014/15   Nafit Al-Wasat
2015/16   Al-Zawra
2016/17   Al-Quwa Al-Jawia 
2017/18   Al-Zawra

[*2] due to Iraq's fixtures in the FIFA World Youth Cup and CISM World Military
     Championship, the league was played as a single round robin.
[*3] league abandoned during second half of the season; Al-Shurta were leading the
     standings at the halfway stage but no champions were named.
[*4] the league was abandoned on June 18, with about three quarters of the matches
     played, due to war situation in the country; the Iraqi FA used the standings
     on June 18 to determine access to AFC competitions, with first-placed Al-Shurta
     and second-placed Arbil being admitted to the 2015 AFC Cup; no champions were
     named and relegation was suspended for the season.

Number of Titles (40; since 1974/75)

 14  Al-Zawra (Baghdad)

  6  Al-Quwa Al-Jawia (Baghdad) [includes Al-Tayaran]

  5  Al-Talaba (Baghdad)

  4  Arbil (Arbil)

  3  Al-Rasheed (Baghdad)
     Al-Shurta (Baghdad) [does not include 2002/03 or 2013/14]

  1  Duhok (Duhok)
     Al-Jaish (Baghdad) 
     Al-Mina (Basra)
     Nafit Al-Wasat (Najaf)
     Salah-Al-Deen (Tikrit)

Notes on team names:

Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya (Air Force) renamed Al-Tayaran (Airlines) in 1968 and reverted
  to Air Force at the beginning of season 1991-92;
Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab (Passenger Transport Department);
Fareeka Al-Thalatha (Third Battalion) renamed Salah-Al-Deen in 1973 and next season
  merged with Al-Jaish (Army);
Al-Jamiaa (University) renamed Al-Talaba (Students) in 1978;
Al-Shurta (Police) were named Quwat Al-Emen Al-Dakhili (Internal Security Forces)
  in 1984;
Al-Rasheed renamed Al-Karkh at the beginning in 1991;
Baladiyat (Municipalities) renamed Amana in 1977;
Iktisad renamed Tijara (Trade) in 1978;
Wahid Huzairan (First of June) renamed Kirkuk;
The Kurdish name for the city of Arbil is Hawlar.

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