Liechtenstein Cup 2015/16

First Preliminary Round
[Aug 25]
FC Triesenberg II     0-5 USV Eschen/Mauren II
FC Balzers III        0-6 FC Schaan I
FC Triesen II         1-3 FC Balzers II
[Aug 26]
FC Triesen I          1-4 FC Balzers I
FC Schaan Azzurri     0-3 FC Ruggell I 

Second Preliminary Round
[Sep 15]
FC Ruggell II         3-0 USV Eschen/Mauren II
[Sep 16]
FC Schaan I           4-2 FC Balzers I          [aet]
[Sep 30]
FC Schaan III         0-3 FC Ruggell I
USV Eschen/Mauren III 1-4 FC Balzers II 

NB: semifinalists 2014/15 bye to quarterfinals

[Oct 27]
FC Ruggell II         0-6 USV Eschen/Mauren I
[Nov 3]
FC Ruggell I          0-4 FC Vaduz I
[Nov 4]
FC Balzers II         1-0 FC Vaduz U23
FC Schaan I           3-2 FC Triesenberg I      [aet]

[Apr 5]
USV Eschen/Mauren I   1-2 FC Vaduz I
[Apr 6]
FC Balzers II         2-2 FC Schaan I           [aet, 3-5 pen]

Final [May 4]
FC Vaduz I           11-0 FC Schaan I

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