Mali - List of Women Champions

Bamako League

1994    Super Lionnes d'Hamdalaye  
1995-99   not known
2000    Super Lionnes d'Hamdalaye  
2001    Super Lionnes d'Hamdalaye  
2002    not known
2003    Super Lionnes d'Hamdalaye  
2004    AS Mandé (Bamako)
2005      not held
2006    FC Amazone de Boulkassoumbougou
2007    AS Mandé (Bamako)
2008    Super Lionnes d'Hamdalaye  
2009    AS Mandé (Bamako)
2010    AS Mandé (Bamako)
2011    AS Mandé (Bamako)
2012    USFAS (Bamako)
2013    AS Mandé (Bamako)
2014    AS Mandé (Bamako)

NB: Super Lionnes won 13 of the first 14 editions, the first one in 1994 (?!);
    the 2004 edition was the 15th (?!)

Championnat National

2016/17 AS Mandé (Bamako)

Tournoi National

NB: aka Tournoi de l'amitié Mali-Norvège since 2006 due to technical
    support by Norwegian federation; first edition held 2004; 
    participants include top Bamako sides and regional selections

2004    AS Mandé (Bamako)               0-0 Super Lionnes d'Hamdalaye   [5-3 pen]
2005      not held
2006    FC Amazone de Boulkassoumbougou 5-0 AS Mandé
2007    AS Mandé (Bamako)               1-1 Super Lionnes d'Hamdalaye   [3-2 pen]
2008    FC Amazone de Boulkassoumbougou 2-0 AS Réal (Bamako)

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