Nike World Club Cup U-14 2009

Nike World Club Cup U-14 2009

Qualified for the "Manchester United Premier Cup" (World final)

Ghana - Right to Dream Academy
South Africa - Orlando Pirates

Brazil - São Paulo
Chile - Colo Colo
Mexico - Atlas FC
USA - Alta Loma Arsenal

China - Changchun Yatai
India – Salgaocar SC
Japan - Gamba Osaka Junior Youth
South Korea - Boin Middle School
Thailand - Assumption College Thonburi

Australia - Marconi Stallions

Belgium - KRC Genk 
France – Paris-Saint-Germain
Germany - Werder Bremen
Hungary - MTK Hungaria
Italy - AS Roma
Spain - Atlético de Madrid
UK - West Bromwich Albion

Host - Manchester United

Nike World Club Cup U-14 2009

Aug 5-8, 2009 in Manchester

Group A
KRC Genk		2-1 Boin Middle School
KRC Genk		1-0 Orlando Pirates
KRC Genk		2-1 West Bromwich Albion
KRC Genk		3-0 Changchun Yatai FC 
Boin Middle School	1-0 Orlando Pirates
Boin Middle School	0-0 West Bromwich Albion
Boin Middle School	1-0 Changchun Yatai FC 
Orlando Pirates		3-1 West Bromwich Albion
Orlando Pirates		2-0 Changchun Yatai FC 
West Bromwich Albion	2-1 Changchun Yatai FC 

Group B
Right to Dream		1-1 Werder Bremen
Right to Dream		2-0 MTK Hungaria
Right to Dream		2-0 Atlas FC
Right to Dream		5-0 Salgaocar SC 
Werder Bremen		3-1 MTK Hungaria
Werder Bremen		2-0 Atlas FC
Werder Bremen		4-0 Salgaocar SC
MTK Hungaria		1-0 Atlas FC
MTK Hungaria		2-0 Salgaocar SC
Atlas FC		9-0 Salgaocar SC

Group C
Paris Saint Germain	2-1 São Paulo FC
Paris Saint Germain	3-0 Manchester United
Paris Saint Germain	1-0 Alta Loma Arsenal 
Paris Saint Germain	3-0 Gamba Osaka 
São Paulo FC		3-0 Manchester United
São Paulo FC		1-2 Alta Loma Arsenal
São Paulo FC		5-2 Gamba Osaka 
Manchester United	1-0 Alta Loma Arsenal
Manchester United	2-0 Gamba Osaka 
Alta Loma Arsenal	1-1 Gamba Osaka 

Group D
Atletico de Madrid	1-0 Colo Colo
Atletico de Madrid	2-1 AC Thonburi
Atletico de Madrid	1-1 AS Roma 
Atletico de Madrid	4-1 Marconi Stallions 
Colo Colo		2-0 AC Thonburi
Colo Colo		1-1 AS Roma
Colo Colo		3-2 Marconi Stallions
AC Thonburi		1-0 AS Roma
AC Thonburi		1-0 Marconi Stallions
AS Roma			3-0 Marconi Stallions

1/4 finals places 1-8
Werder Bremen		3-0 KRC Genk 
São Paulo FC		3-0 Atlético de Madrid
Right to Dream Academy	1-0 Boin Middle School
Paris Saint Germain	2-0 Colo Colo

1/2 finals places 17-20
Marconi Stallions	drw Gamba Osaka 			[6-5 pen]
Changchun Yatai		3-0 Salgaocar SC

1/2 finals places 13-16
Atlas FC		2-1 West Bromwich Albion
AS Roma			drw Alta Loma Arsenal 			[6-5 pen]

1/2 finals places 9-12
MTK Hungaria		drw Orlando Pirates 			[5-4 pen]
Assumption Thonburi	3-1 Manchester United

1/2 finals places 5-8
Colo Colo		5-1 KRC Genk 
Boin Middle School	3-2 Atlético de Madrid

1/2 finals places 1-4
Werder Bremen		0-0 Paris Saint Germain			[4-2 pen]
São Paulo FC		2-0 Right to Dream Academy

19th place match
Gamba Osaka		drw Salgaocar FC			[11-10 pen]

17th place match
Marconi Stallions	2-0 Changchun Yatai

15th place match
Arsenal			1-0 West Bromwich Albion

13th place match
Atlas FC		2-0 AS Roma

11th place match
Orlando Pirates		2-0 Manchester United

9th place match
Assumption Thonburi	2-1 MTK Hungaria

7th place match
Atlético de Madrid	3-1 KRC Genk

5th place match
Boin Middle School	2-2 Colo Colo				[4-3 pen]

Third place match
Right to Dream Academy	2-1 Paris Saint Germain

São Paulo FC		3-1 Werder Bremen

2009 European final		

[May 22-24 in Genk (Belgium)]

Host Team	KRC Genk
Austria		Austria Wien
Baltics		FK Liepajas Metalurgs
Belgium		KVC Westerlo
Croatia		NK Zagreb
Czech Rep.	Slavia Praha
Denmark		AGF Aarhus
Finland		HJK Helsinki
Hungary		MTK Hungaria
Israel		Hapoel Haifa
Netherlands	AFC Amsterdam
Norway		Vaalerenga
Poland		Jagiellonia Bialystock
Portugal	Sporting Clube de Portugal
Russia		Konoplev Y.P.Football Academy (Krylia Sovetov)
Slovakia	FC Senica 
Slovenia	FC Maribor
Sweden		IF Norrköping
Switzerland	Team Lausanne-Vaud (Lausanne-Sport)
Turkey		Gaziosmanpasa Spor

Group A
KRC Genk		0-2 AFC Amsterdam
KRC Genk		2-0 Lausanne-Sport
KRC Genk		1-0 FC Senica
KRC Genk		1-1 IF Norrköping
AFC Amsterdam		0-2 Lausanne-Sport
AFC Amsterdam		3-0 FC Senica
AFC Amsterdam		1-0 IF Norrköping
Lausanne-Sport		0-1 FC Senica
Lausanne-Sport		3-0 IF Norrköping
FC Senica		2-2 IF Norrköping

Group B
KVC Westerlo		1-1 Austria Wien
KVC Westerlo		2-1 HJK Helsinki
KVC Westerlo		0-0 Gaziosmanpasa Spor
KVC Westerlo		0-1 Krylia Sovetov
Austria Wien		0-0 HJK Helsinki
Austria Wien		0-0 Gaziosmanpasa Spor
Austria Wien		4-2 Krylia Sovetov
HJK Helsinki		1-1 Gaziosmanpasa Spor
HJK Helsinki		2-1 Krylia Sovetov
Gaziosmanpasa Spor	0-0 Krylia Sovetov

Group C
Slavia Praha		1-1 FC Maribor
Slavia Praha		1-0 Jagiellonia Bialystock
Slavia Praha		2-1 Hapoel Haifa
Slavia Praha		2-0 Liepajas Metalurgs
FC Maribor		1-1 Jagiellonia Bialystock
FC Maribor		1-0 Hapoel Haifa
FC Maribor		1-1 Liepajas Metalurgs
Jagiellonia Bialystock	0-1 Hapoel Haifa
Jagiellonia Bialystock	1-0 Liepajas Metalurgs
Hapoel Haifa		1-0 Liepajas Metalurgs

Group D
MTK Hungaria		1-2 Sporting CP
MTK Hungaria		1-0 NK Zagreb
MTK Hungaria		1-0 AGF Aarhus
MTK Hungaria		5-0 Vaalerenga
Sporting CP		3-0 NK Zagreb
Sporting CP		4-1 AGF Aarhus
Sporting CP		3-1 Vaalerenga
NK Zagreb		1-0 AGF Aarhus
NK Zagreb		3-0 Vaalerenga
AGF Aarhus		2-1 Vaalerenga

1/2 finals places 17-20
Liepajas Metalurgs	2-0 IF Norrköping
Krylia Sovetov		0-0 Vaalerenga

1/2 finals places 9-16

Group 1
HJK Helsinki		3-0 FC Senica
NK Zagreb		2-0 Jagiellonia Bialystock
Jagiellonia Bialystock	1-0 FC Senica
NK Zagreb		3-1 HJK Helsinki
NK Zagreb		2-0 FC Senica
HJK Helsinki		1-0 Jagiellonia Bialystock

Group 2
Lausanne-Sport		3-1 Gaziosmanpasa Spor
AGF Aarhus		1-0 Hapoel Haifa
Lausanne-Sport		2-0 Hapoel Haifa
Gaziosmanpasa Spor	2-1 AGF Aarhus
AGF Aarhus		2-0 Lausanne-Sport
Gaziosmanpasa Spor	3-1 Hapoel Haifa

1/2 finals places 1-8

Group 1
KVC Westerlo		1-1 AFC Amsterdam
MTK Hungaria		0-0 Slavia Praha
Slavia Praha		2-0 AFC Amsterdam
MTK Hungaria		2-1 KVC Westerlo
MTK Hungaria		3-0 AFC Amsterdam
KVC Westerlo		1-0 Slavia Praha

Group 2
KRC Genk		2-0 Austria Wien
Sporting CP		2-0 FC Maribor
KRC Genk		0-0 FC Maribor
Sporting CP		1-0 Austria Wien
KRC Genk		3-2 Sporting CP
Austria Wien		5-0 FC Maribor

19th place match
Vaalerenga		1-0 IF Norrköping

17th place match
Krylia Sovetov		0-0 Liepajas Metalurgs

15th place match
FC Senica		2-0 Hapoel Haifa

13th place match
Gaziosmanpasa Spor	2-1 Jagiellonia Bialystock

11th place match
AGF Aarhus		3-2 HJK Helsinki

9th place match
NK Zagreb		0-0 Lausanne-Sport

Seventh place match
FC Maribor		2-2 AFC Amsterdam

Fifth place match
Austria Wien		3-0 Slavia Praha

Third place match
KVC Westerlo		2-1 Sporting CP

KRC Genk		1-0 MTK Hungaria

Nike World Club Cup U-14 2009

Qualified for the "Manchester United Premier Cup" (World final)

Host		Manchester United (England)

USA		Arsenal FC (USA)

Europa		Werder Bremen (Germany)
		AS Roma (Italy)
		West Bromwich Albion (England)
		Atletico de Madrid (Spain)
		tba (France)

Europa qualifications
		KRC Genk (Belgium)
		MTK Hungaria (Hungary)

Latin America	São Paulo (Brazil)
		Atlas FC (Mexico)
		Colo Colo (Chile)

Asia		Gamba Osaka (Japan)
		Boin Middle School (South Korea)
		Changchun Yatai FC (China)
                Salgaocar (India)

Asia/Pacific qualifications
		Assumption College Thonburi (Thailand)

Australia/New Zealand qualifications
		Marconi Stallions FC (Australia)

South Africa    Orlando Pirates

Africa qualifications [at Nike's Hilversum Campus]
		Dream Academy (Ghana)


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