Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2000/01

No domestic championship, but 12 regional leagues with interplay between 
each (teams may participate in up to three leagues)


Ju.C. ARNOS VALE FL: SG DeFreitas Hill Top FC      (see below)
BARROALLIE FL:       Keartons United
BEQUIA FL:           Lions FC
CALLIAQUA FL:        Prospect United FC
KINGSTOWN FL:        Frenches FC
LAYOU FL:            Kletos FC
MARRIAQUA FL:        Elaspry United
NORTH EAST FL:       Carib Sandy Bay Warriors
NORTH LEEWARD FL:      not completed
SION HILL FL:        Nemwil Hope International     (see below)
SOUTH EAST FL:       Stubborn Youths FC

Ju.C. ARNOS VALE FL: Pepsi Sion Hill FC
BARROALLIE FL:       Petit Bordel United
BEQUIA FL:           Tyros FC                      (see below)
CALLIAQUA FL:        Brighton All-Stars
LAYOU FL:            Buccament Bay Warriors
MARRIAQUA FL:        Greggs Linkers FC
NORTH EAST FL:       Redux United
SION HILL FL:        Pepsi Sion Hill FC
SOUTH EAST FL:       Brighton All-Stars 


Ju.C. ARNOS VALE FL: Greggs Linkers FC
CALLIAQUA FL:        KFC Hotspurs
LAYOU FL:            Bad News
MARRIAQUA FL:        ECGC Cane End United FC
NORTH EAST FL:       Brownstone United

Ju C Arnold Vale Premier Division

Quarterfinals [Nov]
St. Vincent Motor System 3      2-1     Pepsi Sion Hill B
Pastures                        bt      Nemwil Hope International       [by default]
SG DeFreitas Hill Top           bt      ECGC Cane End
KFC Hotspurs                    bt      [?]

[Dec 5]
SG DeFreitas Hill Top           1-0     St. Vincent Motor System 3
[Dec 8]
Pastures                        lt      KFC Hotspurs

SG DeFreitas Hill Top           1-1     KFC Hotspurs            [4-3 on pen] 

Biabou League 2001
(start Jan 2001)

Known results (in chronological order)

Brighton All Stars      10-1    AC Jappers
Elaspri                  4-2    Brighton Strikers
Rodox FC                 5-0    Eagles

Elaspri                  3-1    AC Jappers
Brighton All Stars       4-1    Brighton Strikers
Rodox FC                 4-2    Ball Rollers
Man Cool                  bt    Desco Strikers          [by default]
Islands                  3-0    Wills Browntown

Man Cool                  bt    Kuk Cake                [by default]
BMC Linkers              5-1    Elaspri
Hylanders                 bt    Brighton All Stars      [by default]

Man Cool                 6-3    [?] Strikers
Kuk Cake                 1-0    Ball Liners

Man Cool                 5-1    Rising Stars

[Apr 8] 
BMC Linkers             7-0     Simon United 
[Apr 10] 
Elaspri                 4-2     Strikers (Brighton or Desco?) 
[Apr 11] 
Brighton All Stars      bt      Super Stars 
[Apr 12] 
Man Cool                bt      Highlanders 

Semifinals missing 

Third Place Match [Apr 21] 
Brighton All Stars      drw     BMC Linkers     [5-4 on pen] 

Final [Apr 22] 
Man Cool                2-1     Elaspri 

Biabou League - Cup

Cup Semifinals 
[May 1] 
Highlanders             2-2     Wills Brownstown         [aet, 4-5 pen] 
[May 2] 
Man Cool                bt      Super Stars 

Final [May 6] 
Man Cool                3-2     Wills Brownstown

Pepsi Sion Hill Football Tournament 

Premier Division 

Pepsi Sion Hill                 2-0     J G Stingers 
Nemwil Hope International       bt      [?]

Final [Dec 17] 
Pepsi Sion Hill                 0-1     Nemwil Hope International 

NB: second title for Nemwil Hope International

Ju C Bequia Football Cup

Knockout Competition

Winners: Tyros

Third Place Playoff [Dec 16]
United Force                     -      West Connection



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list of foundation dates

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