Turkey 1932

Türkiye Futbol Şampiyonası

The third edition of the Türkiye Futbol Şampiyonası (Turkish Football Championship) was held in 1932. The various regional champions qualified for the tournament played in knock-out format. The winners of the five groups, each consisting of three to six clubs, qualified for the final stage. The competition was played from 30 September to 21 October.

Eskişehir Group

Round 1
Ankara Gençlerbirliği 	       8-1 Bursa San'atkâran
Kütahya Türkspor              1-17 Eskişehir Tayyare İdman Yurdu

Group Final
Eskişehir Tayyare İdman Yurdu  4-2 Ankara Gençlerbirliği

Istanbul Group

Round 1
İstanbulspor                   6-1 Adapazarı İdman Yurdu
Bandırma İdman Yurdu           bye

Group Final
İstanbulspor                  11-0 Bandırma İdman Yurdu 

İzmir Group

Round 1
Balıkesir İdman Birliği        4-0 Manisa İdman Yurdu                  
Isparta SK                     6-0 Denizli İdman Yurdu
Altınordu 	               5-0 Uşak İdman Yurdu

Balıkesir İdman Birliği        1-1 Isparta SK
Semifinal Replay
Balıkesir İdman Birliği        w/o Isparta SK                     [Isparta SK walked off; Balıkesir received a walkover]
NB: Isparta SK walked off after a protest against a Balıkesir player was rejected
Altınordu 	               bye

Group Final
Altınordu 	               7-1 Balıkesir İdman Birliği

Mersin Group

Round 1
Antalya                        1-0 Diyarbakır Ayspor 
Konya İdman Yurdu              3-3 Mersin İdman Yurdu
Round 1 Replay
Konya İdman Yurdu              2-1 Mersin İdman Yurdu

Group Final
Konya İdman Yurdu              3-1 Antalya

Samsun Group

Round 1
Giresun Hilalspor              1-1 Samsun İdman Yurdu             [abandoned; remaining 30 minutes played on Oct 1]
Resumed match
Giresun Hilalspor              1-3 Samsun İdman Yurdu             [Oct 1]
Trabzon İdman Ocağı            bye

Group Final
Samsun İdman Yurdu             1-2 Trabzon İdman Ocağı

Final stage

Round 1
İstanbulspor 	               4-3 Konya İdman Yurdu              [aet] 
Altınordu                      2-1 Trabzon İdman Ocağı
Eskişehir Tayyare İdman Yurdu  bye

İstanbulspor 	               2-0 Eskişehir Tayyare İdman Yurdu 
Altınordu                      bye

Final [Oct 21, İzmir]
Altınordu                      0-3 İstanbulspor



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