Olympic Games - Women's Football Tournament


Year       Gold          Silver          Bronze             Venue (Final)
1996       USA           China           Norway             Athens, GA
2000       Norway        USA             Germany            Sydney
2004       USA           Brazil          Germany            Athinai
2008       USA           Brazil          Germany            Beijing
2012       USA           Japan           Canada             London
2016       Germany       Sweden          Canada             Rio de Janeiro

Medal Count

Country       G  S  B
USA           4  1
Germany       1     3
Norway        1     1
Brazil           2
China            1
Japan            1
Sweden           1
Canada              2

Olympic Finals 1996-2016

        Final                                  Third Place Match

1996    United States-China 2-1                Norway-Brazil 2-0
        [Final tournament in Atlanta, USA]

2000    Norway-United States 3-2 (aet)         Germany-Brazil 2-0
        [Final tournament in Sydney, Australia]

2004    United States-Brazil 2-1 (aet)         Germany-Sweden 1-0
        [Final tournament in Athens, Greece] [Qualifying]

2008    United States-Brazil 1-0               Germany-Japan 2-0
        [Final tournament in Beijing, China] [Qualifying]

2012    United States-Japan 2-1                Canada-France 1-0
        [Final tournament in London, England] [Qualifying]

2016    Germany-Sweden 2-1                     Canada-Brazil 2-1
        [Final tournament in Rio de Janerio, Brazil] [Qualifying]

        [Final tournament in Tokyo, Japan] [Qualifying]

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