Liberia - List of Champions

Great Bame, Iron Side, Mosquitoes, Central and Olympics were the pioneer clubs in the country in the early 1930s; the Liberia Football Association was founded in 1936.
1956-62   not known
1963    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1964    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1965    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1966    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1967    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1968      no competition
1969      no competition
1970      no competition
1971      no competition
1972    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1973    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1974    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1975      no competition
1976    Saint Joseph Warriors (Monrovia)
1977      no competition
1978    Saint Joseph Warriors (Monrovia)
1979    Saint Joseph Warriors (Monrovia)
1980    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1981    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1982      no competition
1983    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1984    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1985    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1986    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1987    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1988    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1989    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1990      no competition
1991    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
1992    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
1993    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1994    NPA Anchors (Monrovia)
1995    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1996    Junior Professional (Monrovia)
1997    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
1998    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1999    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
2000/01 Mighty Barolle (Monrovia) 
2002    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
2003      abandoned due to civil war
2004    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
2005    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
2006    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
2007    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
2008    Monrovia Black Star FC
2009    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
2010/11 LISCR FC (Monrovia)
2012    LISCR FC (Monrovia)
2013    Barrack Young Controllers (Monrovia)
2013/14 Barrack Young Controllers (Monrovia)
2015    Nimba United (Sanniquellie)
2016    Barrack Young Controllers (Monrovia)
2016/17 LISCR FC (Monrovia)
2018    Barrack Young Controllers (Monrovia)

NB: according to [ArG 04], Invincible Eleven won 9 consecutive titles
    from 1963 to 1974 and 'in consecutive years' between 1977 and 1986.

Number of (Known) Titles (45):

13 Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
   Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)

 5 LPRC Oilers (Monrovia) 

 4 Barrack Young Controllers (Monrovia) 

 3 LISCR FC (Monrovia)                  [known as Barcelona until 2001]
   Saint Joseph Warriors (Monrovia)

 1 Junior Professional (Monrovia)
   Monrovia Black Star FC (Monrovia)
   Nimba United (Sanniquellie)          [known as Adorence FC until 2010]
   NPA Anchors (Monrovia) 
NB: LISCR = Liberian International Shipping & Corporate Registry
    LPRC  = Liberia Petroleum Refining Company
    NPA   = National Port Authority

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