China List of Super Cup Winners

The China Super Cup competition was introduced in 1995. The first editions
was played just after the League and Cup in the same year.  Since 
the 2nd edition, this competition was played before the opening of the League
in the next year.  In 2004 and 2005 it was replaced by a post-season 
'Super League Cup' between all top flight teams, but from 2006 on the
latter will be discontinued; it is unclear whether the Super Cup will be
organised again.

List of Super Cup Finals

1996 Shanghai Shenhua         1-0  Jinan Taishan           [Dec 9, 1995; Shanghai]
1997 Dalian Wanda             3-2  Beijing Guona           [Mar 9; Shenzhen]
1998 Beijing Guoan            2-1  Dalian Wanda            [Mar 12; Wenzhou]
1999 Shanghai Shenhua         3-0  Dalian Wanda            [Mar 7; Mianyang]
2000 Liaoning Fushun          3-0  Shandong Luneng Taishan [Mar 4; Shanghai]
2001 Dalian Shide             4-1  Chongqing Lifan         [Dec 30, 2000; Shanghai]
2002 Shanghai Shenhua     1-1 2-0  Dalian Shide            [Feb 26, Mar 2; Shanghai and Dalian]
2003 Dalian Shide             1-0  Qingdao Beilaite        [Feb 6; Wuhan]
2004 Beijing Hyundai Cars     4-3  Shanghai Shenhua SVA    [Jan 18, Wuhu]

Number of Wins (lost finals between square brackets)

 3 [ 3] Dalian Shide (includes Dalian Wanda)
 3 [ 1] Shanghai Shenhua
 2 [ 1] Beijing Hyundai Cars (includes Beijing Guoan)

 1      Liaoning Fushun
   [ 2] Shandong Luneng Taishan (includes Jinan Taishan)
   [ 1] Chongqing Lifan
   [ 1] Qingdao Beilaite

List of Super League Cup Finals

2004 Shandong Luneng Taishan  2-0  Shenzhen Jianlibao
2005 Wuhan Huanghelou     1-1 2-0  Shenzhen Jianlibao

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