Italy - List of Champions

The oldest Italian championships officially considered (the FIF tournament - Federation Italienne du Football) were not played in a single league but played in various regional groups with play-offs. The award was a Cup which could be kept after winning three tournaments.
The first Cup was offered in 1898 by the Duca degli Abruzzi, a member of the Royal House of Savoy, and was awarded to Genoa Cricket & Football Club in 1901. (Not to be confused with the Medaglia di Re, a trophy for challenge matches secured by Milan in 1902.)
The second trophy was offered by Dan Fawcus, player and manager of Genoa, and was awarded to his team in 1904.
The third (and last) Cup was offered in 1905 by James R. Spensley the old goalkeeper of Genoa who became manager and FIF referee. It was gained by SG Pro Vercelli.

During that early period, most of football teams played for the FNGI (Italian Federation of Gymnastics) instead of FIF events (or indifferently for both federations). FNGI organised annual Concorsi Federali di Calcio (official Italian championships) sometimes inserting that events in the three-yearly Concorsi Nazionali FGNI, a sort of national Convention of all sports (like Olympic games). The necessity to perform a lot of different sports was the reason for their seasonal placing (summer or early autumn) in order to have dry fields to play. FIF Championships were rather played in winter time.

See here for a list of FNGI champions 1896-1913.

1898     Genoa 1893
1899     Genoa 1893
1900     Genoa 1893
1901     Milan AC
1902     Genoa 1893
1903     Genoa 1893
1904     Genoa 1893
1905     Juventus FC
1906     Milan AC
1907     Milan AC
1908     Pro Vercelli
1909     Pro Vercelli
1909/10  FC Internazionale
1910/11  Pro Vercelli
1911/12  Pro Vercelli
1912/13  Pro Vercelli
1913/14  Casale
1914/15  Genoa 1893
1916        cancelled
1917        cancelled
1918        cancelled
1919/20  FC Internazionale [1]
1920/21  Pro Vercelli
1921/22  Pro Vercelli  (C.C.I)
         Novese  (F.I.G.C)
1922/23  Genoa 1893
1923/24  Genoa 1893
1924/25  Bologna
1925/26  Juventus FC
1926/27    not awarded     [Torino had title revoked]
1927/28  Torino
1928/29  Bologna

Professional League

1929/30  Ambrosiana-Inter
1930/31  Juventus FC
1931/32  Juventus FC
1932/33  Juventus FC
1933/34  Juventus FC
1934/35  Juventus FC
1935/36  Bologna
1936/37  Bologna
1937/38  Ambrosiana-Inter
1938/39  Bologna
1939/40  Ambrosiana-Inter
1940/41  Bologna
1941/42  AS Roma
1942/43  Torino
1943/44     different local leagues because of the war
1944/45     different local leagues because of the war, e.g. in Sicily
1945/46  Torino
1946/47  Torino
1947/48  Torino
1948/49  Torino
1949/50  Juventus FC
1950/51  Milan AC
1951/52  Juventus FC
1952/53  FC Internazionale
1953/54  FC Internazionale
1954/55  Milan AC
1955/56  AC Fiorentina
1956/57  Milan AC
1957/58  Juventus FC
1958/59  Milan AC
1959/60  Juventus FC
1960/61  Juventus FC
1961/62  Milan AC
1962/63  FC Internazionale
1963/64  Bologna
1964/65  FC Internazionale
1965/66  FC Internazionale
1966/67  Juventus FC
1967/68  Milan AC
1968/69  AC Fiorentina
1969/70  Cagliari
1970/71  FC Internazionale
1971/72  Juventus FC
1972/73  Juventus FC
1973/74  SS Lazio
1974/75  Juventus FC
1975/76  Torino
1976/77  Juventus FC
1977/78  Juventus FC
1978/79  Milan AC
1979/80  FC Internazionale
1980/81  Juventus FC
1981/82  Juventus FC
1982/83  AS Roma
1983/84  Juventus FC
1984/85  Hellas Verona
1985/86  Juventus FC
1986/87  SSC Napoli
1987/88  Milan AC
1988/89  FC Internazionale
1989/90  SSC Napoli
1990/91  Sampdoria UC
1991/92  Milan AC
1992/93  Milan AC
1993/94  Milan AC
1994/95  Juventus FC
1995/96  Milan AC
1996/97  Juventus FC
1997/98  Juventus FC
1998/99  Milan AC
1999/00  SS Lazio
2000/01  AS Roma
2001/02  Juventus FC
2002/03  Juventus FC
2003/04  Milan AC
2004/05    not awarded     [Juventus had title revoked]
2005/06  FC Internazionale [Juventus had title revoked]
2006/07  FC Internazionale
2007/08  FC Internazionale
2008/09  FC Internazionale
2009/10  FC Internazionale
2010/11  Milan AC
2011/12  Juventus FC
2012/13  Juventus FC
2013/14  Juventus FC
2014/15  Juventus FC


1898-29 Different local leagues operated.
1915/16 A Federal Cup was played, won by Milan.
1916-19 Cancelled due to war.
1919/20 As no Sicilian teams were included, there was a Federal Cup
        organised there won by Palermo.
1929-30 Professional, united Seria A was organized.
1943-44 There was a special northern league (Campionato Alta Italia)
        won by Vigili del fuoco La Spezia.
1944-45 There were various regional leagues, e.g. in Sicily.
1945-46 Serie A-B together divided into north and south,
        separate final was held.

Winners (111)      

31 Juventus FC       (does not include revoked titles 2004/05 and 2005/06)

18 FC Internazionale (includes 2005/06 title awarded on Jul 26, 2006)
   Milan AC

 9 Genoa 1893

 7 Torino            (does not incluce revoked title 1926/27)
   Pro Vercelli
 3 AS Roma

 2 AC Fiorentina
   SS Lazio
   SSC Napoli

 1 Cagliari
   Sampdoria UC
   Hellas Verona

NB: does not include Campionato Alta Italia 1944.

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