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Fourth Division | Elite Division
The Cypriot Fourth Division started in the 1985/86 season as the fourth level of the Cypriot football pyramid. In 2015 the league was dissolved and replaced by the STOK Elite Division.

Fourth Division

Winners (1985/86 - 2014/15)

From 1985/86 until 1992/93, the championship was split into three or four geographical groups,
depending from Districts of Cyprus each participated team came from. 
On some occasions, some teams participated in groups that did not correspond to their 
geographical origin due to the increased number of teams in the group of their geographical 
In these cases, the teams which would participate in different geographical groups were 
determined by a draw. 
Initially, the championship was played in three regional groups: Nicosia-Keryneia group, 
Limassol-Paphos group, and Larnaca-Famagusta group. 
In the 1988/89 season, the championship was played in four regional groups.

         Nicosia-Keryneia Group	     Limassol-Paphos Group	Larnaca-Famagusta Group
1985/86  OXEN Peristeronas	     APEI Ipsona	        Dynamo Pervolion
1986/87  Libanos Kormakiti	     AEZ Zakakiou	        Achyronas Liopetriou
1987/88  Iraklis Gerolakkou	     ATE PEK Parekklisias	APEAN Ayia Napa

        Group A	        Group B	         Group C	         Group D
1988/89 AEK Kythreas	APEP Pelendriou	 ENAN Ayia Napa 	 Apollon Lympion

        Nicosia-Keryneia Group	     Limassol-Paphos Group	Larnaca-Famagusta Group
1989/90 Olimpiada Neapolis	     Tsaggaris Peledriou	APEAN Ayia Napa
1990/91 AEK Kakopetrias		     Kentro Neotitas Maroniton	Achyronas Liopetriou
1991/92 OXEN Peristeronas	     AEZ Zakakiou	        Livadiakos Livadion
1992/93 Ethnikos Latsion	     APEI Ipsona	        Fotiakos Frenarou

The championship was held for the first time as a single division in the 199394 season. 

1993/94 Elia Lythrodonta
1994/95 AEK Kakopetrias
1995/96 Iraklis Gerolakkou
1996/97 Adonis Idaliou
1997/98 SEK Agiou Athanasiou
1998/99 THOI Lakatamia
1999/00 MEAP Nisou
2000/01 Sourouklis Troullon
2001/02 AEM Mesogis
2002/03 Orfeas Nicosia
2003/04 Othellos Athienou
2004/05 Frenaros FC 2000
2005/06 Anagennisi Germasogeias
2006/07 Spartakos Kitiou
2007/08 Digenis Oroklinis
2008/09 Achyronas Liopetriou
2009/10 Enosis Neon Parekklisia
2010/11 Ormideia FC
2011/12 Digenis Oroklinis
2012/13 MEAP Nisou
2013/14 Enosi Neon Ypsona
2014/15 Alki Oroklini

Number of Titles:

3 Achyronas Liopetriou	     2008/09, 1986/87*, 1990/91*

2 AEZ Zakakiou	             1986/87*, 1991/92*
  AEK Kakopetrias	     1990/91*, 1994/95
  APEAN Ayia Napa	     1987/88*, 1989/90*
  APEI Ipsona	             1985/86*, 1992/93*
  Digenis Oroklinis	     2007/08, 2011/12
  Iraklis Gerolakkou	     1987/88*, 1995/96
  MEAP Nisou	             1999/00, 2012/13
  OXEN Peristeronas	     1985/86*, 1991/92*

1 Adonis Idaliou	     1996/97
  AEK Kythreas	             1988/89*
  AEM Mesogis	             2001/02
  Alki Oroklini	             2014/15
  Anagennisi Germasogeias    2005/06
  APEP Pelendriou	     1988/89*
  Apollon Lympion	     1988/89*
  ATE PEK Parekklisias	     1987/88*
  Dynamo Pervolion	     1985/86*
  Ethnikos Latsion	     1992/93*
  Elia Lythrodonta	     1993/94
  Enosis Neon Ayia Napa	     1988/89*
  Enosis Neon Parekklisia    2009/10
  Enosi Neon Ypsona	     2013/14
  Fotiakos Frenarou	     1992/93*
  Frenaros FC 2000	     2004/05
  Kentro Neotitas Maroniton  1990/91*
  Libanos Kormakiti	     1986/87*
  Livadiakos Livadion	     1991/92*
  Olimpiada Neapolis	     1989/90*
  Orfeas Nicosia	     2002/03
  Ormideia FC	             2010/11
  Othellos Athienou	     2003/04
  SEK Agiou Athanasiou	     1997/98
  Sourouklis Troullon	     2000/01
  Spartakos Kitiou	     2006/07
  THOI Lakatamia	     1998/99
  Tsaggaris Peledriou	     1989/90*

* Group Champions

STOK Elite Division


2015/16 Livadiakos/Salamina Livadion
2016/17 Onisilos Sotira 2014
2017/18 Kouris Erimis

Number of Titles (3; since 2015/16):

1  Kouris Erimis		                   2017/18
   Livadiakos/Salamina Livadion		           2015/16
   Onisilos Sotira 2014		                   2016/17

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